Each and every Monday for 2019 I’ll be uploading a song as part of my self imposed Song A Week Challenge.

Song number 3 of the challenge is called “Written In The Stars” a song about destiny whether it be created externally through circumstance or internally through a self fulfilled prophecy.

SAW03 – Written In The Stars
© 21/1/2019 C. Stewart

Verse 1
I was endlessly searching
For the only one to make my life complete
The one who brings light to the dark
I thought I was destined
To be all alone in this big, bad, brutal world
That was until you came along

Coz it was written in the stars
That you would be my destiny
As I cry out in the dark
For you to make the best of me
But if we ever fell apart
Yes it would be a tragedy
But you and I, we have got each other now
You and I, in each others arms

Verse 2
Now that I have you
And you have me, two halves make a whole
You and I are now one
The forces that bind us
Can also repel, if we’re to lose our way
We’re so far away from home


Written in the stars
Written in the stars
Written in the stars
Written in the stars


If you have any comments, feedback, encouragement or even song ideas that I could use to keep this challenge going then either comment below or, let me know here.

In the meantime, SAW04 is calling me to write…


Corey 🙂

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