This year I want to get back into a really productive rhythm when it comes to writing songs and one of the ways I can achieve this is by co-writing with as many songwriters as I can.

I’ve been collaborating on and off for a little while now and so far I’ve been loving the experience.

I’ve been really enjoying the bouncing of musical and lyrical ideas off and from one another as well as the conversations which evolve from this process. It inspires me to keep going as well as challenge my sense of how the world is through my eyes.

For me, collaboration forces me to constantly think about and analyse, my own songwriting process.

This is because no two songwriting styles are truly the same and the inevitable comparisons of each other’s songwriting styles makes for fascinating insights. Creativity is a fickle beast sometimes and having a little help from your friends can achieve great results.

Results which I will proudly upload to my Aural Portfolio when completed.

Very recently I cleaned out all of my external hard drives and transferred the files I wanted to keep onto my home studio computer. From doing this I realised that I had scattered across many different locations, countless amounts of recorded demos, half finished song ideas and song snippets ready for me to finish off and upload for all the world to hear.

I hadn’t realised the sheer volume of stuff just sitting in my archives waiting for me to finish off one day. I became very aware that I’m really good at starting something but not at finishing things.

This year I want to make a real dent in my songwriting archive.

I’ll still be coming up with new ideas because I just can’t help it but I also know that putting aside those old songwriting ideas to be finished one day is a fruitless task as “one day never comes.”

I’m actively looking for more collaborators to work with me so if you feel you want to be part of a songwriting team that has no shortage of ideas at its disposal then contact me.

I’m looking forward to getting stuck into some works in progress.


Corey 🙂

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