Recently, I’ve just finished cleaning out all of my external hard drives, all 20TB (yes terabytes) of them and let me tell you, I’ve realised I’m not as organised as I thought I was.

The reason why I undertook such a mammoth task was that I wanted to have all of my songwriting ideas, snippets and demos (plus all of my music business, home studio/recording and general songwriting information I’ve collected over the years) all on one external hard drive and not spread out over many which was the case previously.

The process was that I’d go through each of the old drives one by one and transfer over to the new drive all of the files I wanted to keep and once finished I’d format the old drive and put to one side.

Sometimes It was like trying to unscramble an egg.

Now that I have everything I want under one roof so to speak I’m feeling much more in control over my creativity because I can access everything from one hard drive. I now know where everything is.

For me, being organised means that any song idea that I need to present to a songwriting collaborator is only one click away and no more am I wasting precious time searching among my numerous hard drives trying to find THAT particular songwriting idea that I wanted to work on.

I’ve realised already that the end result of the work I’ve put into organising my artistic inventory is that I’m finally finishing more of the songs that I start and that is inspiring in itself.

Another reason why now more than ever, 2016 will be a very creatively inspiring year for me. I look forward to uploading the fruits of my organised labour soon.


Corey 🙂

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