Songwriter Demos

I can take your lyrics, rough demos, chord charts, half written song ideas, scrawlings on napkins, song snippets and/or poetry and turn them into a song, an EP or a full length CD for you to promote how you want.

Record yourself humming a tune, I can turn it into a song for you.

I can do it on a per song basis or, if you’re feeling particularly game, I can create your very own album of songs and distribute it online for you.

This service is perfect for lyricists looking to collaborate or, the many non-performing songwriters out there that want their creations recorded professionally but don’t have the time, skill, equipment, musicians or resources at their disposal.

This service is done totally online and can be utilised by anyone, anywhere around the world.

As an example, here are two albums released on BandCamp by non-performing lyricist Ross Hood who goes under the name of Care Radio. He gave me his lyrics in longhand and I created the final words and music from that.

Childhood Memories – Ross Hood/Care Radio (2014)

I Look Towards The Stars – Ross Hood/Care Radio (2017)

Here are some other examples…

“Happy Mothers Day” Words – Ross Hood/Music – Corey Stewart
“You’re In Good Form Baby” Words – Mick Standing/Music – Corey Stewart
“We’re Gonna Rock” Words – Mick Standing/Music – Corey Stewart

If you have any lyrical or song ideas that you want to become sonic reality then contact me and we can chat about how I can make it possible for you.