The Self Fulfilling Prophecy Machine

The Self Fulfilling Prophecy Machine (or TSFPM for short) was formed at the end of 2015 primarily as a songwriting vehicle for Corey Stewart (vocals, bass, electric guitar) and Geoffrey Stapleton (vocals, guitar, production)

Prior to the formation of TSFPM there was a frenetically creative period of 18 months where Corey and Geoff wrote 16 songs in which more than half of them were considered to be ball-tearing, face-melting rock songs.

This is how TSFPM was born… Out of a need to bring back the element of catharsis and danger to songwriting again.

At the moment TSFPM only consists of Geoff and Corey however, there are plans afoot to recruit more members, form a band and reignite the fire at the ALTER OF ROCK.