The Self Fulfilling Prophecy Machine (aka TSFPM) is a songwriting duo consisting of Corey Stewart and Geoffrey Stapleton.


Green Trampoline

Green Trampoline is a songwriting duo consisting of award winning songwriters Corey Stewart and Adrian Miller



Rhymeworks is a studio run by songwriter and musician Jeff Smith. Both Jeff and Corey have been collaborating for over 10 years and have released three albums to date.

A fourth album is about to be released online through BandCamp very soon. Watch this space…


The Seadragons

The Seadragons is a songwriting duo consisting of Corey Stewart and Steve Jones.


The Synchronicity Police

The Synchronicity Police is a Police tribute band like no other.

TSP were born out of an obsessive passion by long time Police fans, Corey Stewart, Dave Branton and Greg Adamopoulos for all things Police and Sting.

TSP faithfully reproduce the live experience that is THE POLICE.

Recreating all of the classic Police hits in a two hour live show that will have you screaming for more.

It’s the next best thing to hearing the real thing


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