One of my primary songwriting goals of 2017 is to never be afraid of words ever again.

Ideally, what this means for me is that by conquering my fear of words or, more accurately, the fear of my words being judged by others, I will be able to increase my ability to finish my half completed songs because at the moment a distinct lack of lyrical material is what is standing in the way of me finishing the songs that I start.

I know I’ve been doing a lot of collaborating with other songwriters for a time and while I’ve enjoyed this immensely, I still notice that for most of the time I end up doing most of the music/arrangement parts and the other collaborator takes care of the lyrics.

I really have no idea how I came to the misguided conclusion that writing lyrics is not one of my strong points but that is how I currently see myself as… A musician first and a lyricist (a very distant) second.

I think I have said this to myself so many times now that my subconscious actually believes it. It’s like I’m fulfilling some sort of prophesy about my lack of finished songs.

The biggest problem I have with my with lyric writing process is that I censor myself far too early in the piece. I really need to give myself the permission to put down on paper whatever comes to me, to write what is inside of me no matter whether I consider it crap or not and no matter how bad it might look on paper.

I’ve succumbed to the belief that I have nothing of value to say to the world through my lyrics. What a way to sabotage my songwriting and my creativity as a whole.

Yes, I’m pretty good at doing that.

Even though words have the power to change things and therefore, need to be treated with the respect they deserve, they can’t really hurt me and this totally irrational fear of them should never silence me.

The best thing I can do is to roll up my sleeves and just write songs and I know that by doing this I will in time, conquer my fear of words.

One song at a time…


Corey 🙂

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