Happy New Year 2019

Today is the very last day of 2018 which means it’s also the very last day to finalise any goals I have for 2019.

For me, this time of year is an exciting one because it allows me to take stock of what has happened in the past 12 months and use that information to work out what the next 12 months (and beyond) is going to look like.

Today I’m focussing in on my live music projects and songwriting and what my goals and intentions are for them moving forward into 2019.

I’ve already declared in an earlier post that I’m now concentrating on pursuing, developing, nurturing and managing opportunities for my music/songs in a live performance setting. I’ve turned my back on the relative security of playing covers for a living to the absolute uncertainty of promoting my own music.

I also understand that I have been in CoverLand for so long now that I need to learn how to promote me and my music, network with others and unlearn all of the bad and lazy habits I had picked up over my 10+ years playing covers

2019 will be a year that I start rebuilding my tribe, my community and my fanbase. I know that even though I have a small amount of profile, I’m essentially starting over from the beginning.

I will also be making 2019 as the year I start putting together my second CD. Not sure whether I’ll be doing it totally from home courtesy of my home recording studio (SongMachine) or, teaming up with another recording studio.

I do have my eye on Wizard Tone Studios in Hendon. Jarrad Payne, I’ll be giving you a call pretty soon 🙂

As for my songwriting… Well, I’m always going to be writing and now recording my songs but starting from tomorrow, I’m going to be ramping my songwriting process up a notch.

I’m going to create my own songwriting challenge of a song a week for a whole year.

That’s right, I’m going to write, record and upload one song every week for the whole of 2019.

“Why?” I hear you ask. Well, I say “why not.”

I have the means, the equipment, the passion and the drive to want to do it and by the end of 2019 I’ll have at least another 52 songs that I can use for whatever purpose I desire.

Am I still going to participate in FAWM in February and come July, 50/90?

Probably, but whether I make it to the end of those songwriting challenges, I don’t know, the jury is out on that one. After all, I love the community of both FAWM and 50/90 far too much to not participate just because I have my own self imposed songwriting challenge to complete.

I want to be able to expand on my ability to collaborate with other songwriters and musicians however, before I do that I need to get up to date with the collaborators I currently have unfinished projects with.

I’m really sorry that I have neglected you all in over the past year and I make it my mission for 2019 to be a very productive year for all and yes I’m making this promise to the following…

  • Adrian Miller
  • Simon Betts
  • Steve Jones
  • Jeff Smith
  • Geoffrey Stapleton
  • Fiona Karamanlidis
  • Mick Standing
  • Ross Hood

(If I’ve missed anyone else out please let me know)

On the online side of things I’ll be finalising and finishing a series of websites/blogs covering all aspects of songwriting, the music business and home recording as well as this website.

It will all part of what I call the Corey Stewart Online Blogging Network (CSOBN) and it will be another way for me to share what I know with the world and to build my tribe, my community and my fanbase.

I’ve already started with my songwriting blog All About Songwriting and in the new year All About Music Business and All About Home Recording will be live.

Corey Stewart Online will also be revamped to be the umbrella for it all and when it’s all done my net will be cast.

Phew, okay… This is what I intend to do for 2019 and I’ll use this blog to document my journey through 2019. I really believe in transparency and accountability when setting goals and I think what I have written above is as transparent and accountable as I can get.

Maybe I’m being too ambitious. I do have a habit of setting unrealistic goals for myself however, I feel that even if I achieve most of what I have written in 2019 I’ll be a very happy man and my music/songwriting career will be much further down the road than where it is RIGHT NOW.

Who knows what 2019 is going to bring. I’m flexible and malleable to whatever life throws at me but what I do know is that I’m prepared to “do the work” and at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.


Corey 🙂

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