My nephew, is only 11 years old but he’s already got a YouTube channel, Instagram account (where he does his live streaming videos) plus he’s just got himself onto Facebook as well.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, first and foremost I’m a very proud uncle and the fact that my nephew has no fear when it comes to doing things like making random videos for YouTube and creating live streams inspires me greatly because these are the two activities that I want to be doing this year but haven’t as yet.

I also love his attitude towards social media. If he’s got something to say and it requires a video, he’ll just upload it regardless of whether the quality is perfect or not. He doesn’t care about people might think.

He’s teamed up with his best mate and together, they put up videos about them just being themselves. You know, getting into mischief, exploring, making things, riding bikes and scooters, hanging out with mates, going to school and other stuff that 11 year olds get into.

It certainly has got me thinking… If my 11 year old nephew can shoot videos (whether they be edited or streamed live) and upload them online without any fear, then what is my excuse?

I’ve been telling myself for a while now that the next stage in my online development is branching out into podcasts and videos but what has been holding me back is FEAR. Fear of imperfection, fear about what others may think of my creations, fear about not being taken seriously

It seems that the older I get, the more set in my ways I become and the more I’ve allowed fear to influence the choices that I make.

I know my nephew is only 11 and at that age anything is possible but it does highlight to me how much age can change your perspective on things. While age can give you wisdom through learning from experience, it can also stifle your growth if you allow it to.

Therefore, this year (as one of my goals for 2018) I want to take a leaf out of my nephews book and start creating videos and podcasts regardless of whether they turns out perfect or not.

I want to create more and worry less.

This post is my reminder that the right time to do anything is NOW because life is far too short to sit and wait for the perfect time to come along.

So, with all that said, watch this space, there’s more content to come


Corey 🙂

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