Today (Thursday, February 22nd, 2018) marks the end of the third week of the FAWM Songwriting Challenge for 2018 and so far I’ve managed to get ten songs on the board with three of them being collaborations with Amanda West from (two of them I’ve still got to finish the music to).

Unfortunately, my scratchy throat was still giving me grief into week three and I think the vocal recordings of my later songs show this. I’m not overly worried though as I can always re-record them after the challenge is finished.

Another element causing some havoc with my songwriting routine this week has been the unpredictable nature of my day job. Sometimes I think my day job was conspiring against my songwriting but at the end of the day, it is what it is and I need to be at peace with that.

Last post I mentioned that adaptability and flexibility were things I learned about on my FAWM journey. This week I want to throw “patience” into the mix.

Even though I’ve endured being sick, losing my voice and an unpredictable working schedule, I’ve still been able to chip away at the task at hand and for me to do that I needed a lot of patience.

I needed to have faith that whatever had got in the way of my songwriting was only a temporary thing and all I needed to do was to wade through the distraction and just sit and wait for it to pass.

I found this week that the more patience I was able to cultivate, the less frustrated I would feel and of course we all know that the path of frustration and restlessness leads to songwriters block.

And songwriters block is something you don’t want to be experiencing in the middle of a songwriting challenge.

Am I right?

Anyways, if you want to check out what I’ve done so far in FAWM you can go to my profile page or, if you still want to join in the fun you can also do that here.

One week and four more songs to go… Wish me luck.


Corey 🙂

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