Last Friday (March 9th) was the official launch of a project I am involved with called EveryOneBand. Its goal is to create the biggest band in the world (in terms of recording band members) with all funds raised to go to Support Act, a music industry charity.

So, how does EveryOneBand work? I hear you ask… Well, check out the EveryOneBand Official Video below…

The premise here is that you get the opportunity to join an online band and upload a recorded track to be included in the EveryOneBand single called “Stand By You” which is being put together at the moment. This means you have an opportunity to have your voice or instrumental part included in the song.

How awesome is that!

Here’s a video outlining how you can upload your track for the song…

The best thing to do is to go to the EveryOneBand website, check it out, join up and upload your track and remember, it’s all going to a great cause.

I’m in the band… Are you?


Corey 🙂

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