DEMO – These Four Walls

I thought I’d start things off my involvement in the 100 Songs In 180 Days Songwriting Challenge (aka 100/180) with a song about the current situation that is affecting all of us at the moment

Have a listen and let me know what you think either in the comments section below or, by contacting me directly.

These Four Walls
© 5/4/2020 C. Stewart

These Four Walls (100/180-001)

These four walls that surround me now
Will not let me go
Coz there is no chance of escaping
Even though it’s for a little while
I will let you know
That this whole wide world’s relating

Call it a lockdown, call it isolation
But we’re all doing our bit for our nation
This is not gonna last forever
Coz we’re all in this together
(These four walls)

These four walls that surround me now
Will not get me down
Coz there a lot at stake to consider
Even though I will keep my distance
I don’t think of myself as a prisoner

Guitar Solo

These four walls
These four walls

Watch this space, there will be a few more songs to come yet.


Corey 🙂

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