Here’s something I found today that will interest songwriters in Australia. It’s an article from The Music Network site titled APRA AMCOS Unveils Plan To Keep Member Royalties Flowing

The article states that…

APRA AMCOS will bring forward its November live performance royalty payout to May.

The announcement, made Friday (March 27), comes as thousands of its songwriter, composer and publisher members grapple with how to survive during the corona-crisis.

Last November APRA AMCOS paid live performance royalties to 18,425 members. This May, members will receive a full year’s worth, using data from last year’s reports.

As a member of APRA AMCOS myself (since 1999) I think that this initiative is something that the music industry needs right now in these uncertain times.

This article also demonstrates the ongoing commitment by APRA AMCOS in continuing to lobby the Australian Government for more local content to be showcased on radio, TV and other media.

The more that we, as a society support the arts and music industries right now, the better shape those industries will be in to support our society as we recover in a post COVID-19 landscape where we will need art and music more than ever.

I for one will look forward to the advance royalty payments


Corey 🙂

Original Source: APRA AMCOS Unveils Plan To Keep Member Royalties Flowing

I, like many, many songwriters have a problem…

It’s called “perfectionism” and along with an over-zealous inner voice, this problem has plagued me my whole songwriting/music career.

I have tried many times to snap out of it and to some extent have been temporarily successful numerous times over the years but at the end of the day my default songwriting position is of being paralysed by too much choice.

My main curse is that I don’t finish things. I’ve never really finished things… Songs, tasks, projects, activities. I rarely finish things to the standard that I’d like to finish them at but then again, maybe that’s the problem.

I set impossible standards for myself.

Anyways, I stumbled across an article all about this very problem of perfectionism in songwriting and the author of this article was going through the very same issues as I am, right now.

Reading David Silverstein’s article Why It’s So Important To Finish Your Music And Share It With The World resonated with me on so many levels. In regards to his situation of not finishing his music he writes…

I realized that finalizing and sharing my music was the part that scared me the most. I was afraid. I was afraid of marking something complete because then I would have to answer to my own work. I could and would be held accountable for the result, which my perfectionism was never going to be happy with. If I was going to wait until I was 100% happy with something, I was going to be waiting a very long time.

BINGO! Therein lies my issue… Fear of being accountable for my work, fear of being criticised, receiving negative feedback or having to answer to trolls online.

He goes on by offering some suggestions as to how to get past this fear and for me the first things that I need to do is to stop setting outlandishly unreachable goals for myself. I wasn’t able to finish the FAWM Songwriting Challenge (14 songs in 29 days) this year because of this very fact.

Maybe what I need to do is to stop looking at my songwriting process as a series of sudden bursts of productivity and try to create a songwriting process that is more streamlined, organised, consistent and sustainable.

More than ever, good music needs to be written and shared with the world so why should fear and doubt in my own abilities get in the way of me sharing my music with the world?

David Silverstein finishes off his article with a simple quote from Leonardo da Vinci

Art is never finished, only abandoned

I’ll be using this COVID-19 downtime I find myself in to finally conquer my songwriting fears and doubts. I’ll be finishing a lot of songs.


Corey 🙂

Original Source: Why it’s so important to finish your music and share it with the world

I’ve decided that this year I’ll be participating in the 2020 FAWM (February Album Writing Month) Song Challenge hoping to do much better than what I had done last year.

Personally, participating and completing the FAWM Song Challenge has been one to the most rewarding creative experiences I’ve ever experienced.

It has allowed me to shake off the shackles of fear and doubt and just get some songwriting shit done.

It’s kick-started the momentum I needed to get my songwriting mojo back on track and it’s (most importantly) made my self confidence and belief as a performing songwriter/artist go through the roof.

I believe that every songwriter should try this challenge out at least once in their lives and experience first-hand the overwhelmingly supporting community of songwriters, musicians and lyricists that reside within the challenge.

At the end of the day, it’s a great way to connect and possibly network and collaborate with other like minded individuals and each participant has a slightly different interpretation of what FAWM means to them.

For me, it’s a chance to really give SongMachine (my home recording studio) a thorough thrashing and along the way, learn more about the recording process and how to get the best sound possible with the recording gear I have at my disposal.

It also gives me the opportunity to go through my archives and finish off all of the random song titles, half finished verses, choruses and voice memos that I have scattered on pieces of paper, my hard drive or, on my phone.

I also take pride on using the challenge to write songs from a starting position of having nothing prepared. Those are the songs in which their existence always amazes me.

If you have any questions regarding FAWM that you want to ask, then feel free to contact me otherwise, just go to the FAWM website and sign up. It’s free to join but there’s only a few more days to go before it kicks off for another year.

I’ll also be blogging about my FAWM experiences as well so watch this space.

Hope to see you in the challenge. Good luck…


Corey 🙂

Each and every Monday for 2019 I’ll be uploading a song as part of my self imposed Song A Week Challenge.

Song number 5 of the challenge is an instrumental that I call Return To North Star.

This piece of music was inspired by a collaboration between Robert Fripp and Darryl Hall called “North Star” which was from Hall’s 1980 album “Sacred Songs” in which Roberet Fripp produced.

SAW05 – Return To North Star
© 4/2/2019 C. Stewart

It’s an instrumental…

If you have any comments, feedback, encouragement or even song ideas that I could use to keep this challenge going then either comment below or, let me know here.

In the meantime, I’ve got to get a move on with SAW06…


Corey 🙂