I’ve got to say, RUSH is one of my favourite bands, definitely up there with The Police as one of my favourite power trios of all time.

To me RUSH was the epitome of the sum being greater than the parts. Each member bought their uniqueness to the mix…

There was Geddy Lee‘s amazing voice and virtuosic bass playing which was one of the reasons why I persevered with singing and playing bass at the same time in my early years.

Added to that was Alex Lifeson‘s insanely riffy licks and his well thought out and textured guitar solos.

It was however, Neil Peart‘s intricate, metronomic but groovy as fuck drumming that (as a bass player) really caught my attention. In addition to his amazing drumming prowess he was also THE BAND’S LYRICIST

Now THAT is amazing.

Here is a great video from Rick Beato, one of my favourite YouTubers waxing lyrical about the man, the drummer and the legend, Neil Peart.

Vale Mr Peart, you will be greatly missed.


Corey 🙁