My Music And Songwriting Goals For 2019

Today is the very last day of 2018 which means it’s also the very last day to finalise any goals I have for 2019. For me, this time of year is an exciting one because it allows me to take stock of what has happened in the past 12 months and use that information to...

Merry Christmas Everybody

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and creatively prosperous 2019. Here's something that I think sums up the sentiments of the season perfectly. Peace, Corey 🙂

There Is No Such Thing As Musical Retirement

There Is No Such Thing As Musical Retirement

Musicians don’t retire, they just change direction and get more picky and choosy about what they want to be doing plus… They don’t give a fuck about what people think of them and their music anymore. Right now, we’re past the halfway point of December, which means...

It’s Nice To Finally Come Home

It’s Nice To Finally Come Home

Hi there… I missed you guys terribly but I needed to go away for a while. I needed to be by myself, I needed to find my centre, my reason for doing things, my mojo so to speak. For a long time I was fighting against myself. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to...

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