Back Of My Mind written around the time I joined a housing co-operative and the first place I was moved into was a unit in Carrington Street in Adelaide.

This new environment made an immediate creative impact on me and this song was the first of many songs written around that time.

The first two verses describe the night I wrote the song. It was a Friday night and I went for a walk into the middle of Adelaide taking in all of the sights and smells plus, it was a misty rainy kind of night.

Living on your own for the first time brings up many things in your mind. It was a time when I was re-evaluating who my friends are and who I could trust. This is represented by the lyrics in the chorus.

Verse three demonstrates my yearning for this time that I was spending alone to be the way out of this “flood of madness across this land” I was experiencing.

Nevertheless, writing Back Of My Mind was a very cathartic experience.

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Back Of My Mind
© C. Stewart 2002

Friday night and all is quiet
I look around but there’s nothing to see
I find myself in the middle of this city
My mind is restless but at least I know that I’m free

I walk the streets and my mind is racing
As misty rain falls upon my face
Thinking of a love I used to have often
But at the moment there’s no love in this place
No love in this place

I have noticed that I’ve found myself, deep inside myself
And I don’t know which way is out
This room is getting dark and cold
All the people that have come and gone, have been noted down
But in the end I’m all alone
Is it such a waste of time?
Deep in the back of my mind

I’ll take the path that leads to higher cover
From this flood of madness across this land
I want to find some peace and tranquility
With the sun in my eyes and my hopes cupped in both of my hand
Hopes cupped in both of my hands


Deep in the back of my…
Deep in the back of my…
Deep in the back of my…
Deep in the back of my mind

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