Well, just over a week has past since the launch of the 2018 50/90 Songwriting Challenge and I’ve managed to upload seven songs so far with one being a collaboration with a 50/90 member named Kristi.

The initial launch of the challenge had sent my creativity into a bit of overdrive with the result being a very frenetic and creatively productive week but what I have learnt from last years challenge is that 50/90 is a marathon, not a sprint.

This is demonstrated by the fact that even though I have to write 43 songs to complete the challenge, I have 82 days to do it in so today I’m taking it a bit easy and recharging my brain for the next creative burst of energy.

I have been making a more concerted effort this year in doing more listening and commenting on the songs of other 50/90 participants and getting more involved with the wonderful community overall. I’ve always been amazed at how wonderfully supportive the 50/90 community is and I owe it to myself and everyone else to do my fair share to keep the community ticking along.

I hope to get back into the songwriting saddle again over the weekend and maintain the momentum into next week but I’ll endeavour to update you all again around next Wednesday or Thursday time permitting.

If you want to check out what I’ve done so far then go to my 50/90 profile here. If you want to join up and take on the challenge then sign up here.

Also, if you do have any questions regarding the challenge or, you have a song idea that you want me to tackle then contact me.


Corey đŸ™‚

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