Here’s something I found today that will interest songwriters in Australia. It’s an article from The Music Network site titled APRA AMCOS Unveils Plan To Keep Member Royalties Flowing

The article states that…

APRA AMCOS will bring forward its November live performance royalty payout to May.

The announcement, made Friday (March 27), comes as thousands of its songwriter, composer and publisher members grapple with how to survive during the corona-crisis.

Last November APRA AMCOS paid live performance royalties to 18,425 members. This May, members will receive a full yearโ€™s worth, using data from last yearโ€™s reports.

As a member of APRA AMCOS myself (since 1999) I think that this initiative is something that the music industry needs right now in these uncertain times.

This article also demonstrates the ongoing commitment by APRA AMCOS in continuing to lobby the Australian Government for more local content to be showcased on radio, TV and other media.

The more that we, as a society support the arts and music industries right now, the better shape those industries will be in to support our society as we recover in a post COVID-19 landscape where we will need art and music more than ever.

I for one will look forward to the advance royalty payments


Corey ๐Ÿ™‚

Original Source: APRA AMCOS Unveils Plan To Keep Member Royalties Flowing

As of last Thursday (March 26th, 2020) my day gig at Adelaide Air Monitoring has all but dried up and I have now added my name to the list of people who have made an “intention to claim” through the MyGov website.

As I wait for the phone call from Centrelink I realised that instead of feeling bad that my day gig has all but gone I can look at my situation in a more positive way…

Right now, at this very moment, I have been given the gift of time so now it is my responsibility to use this gift wisely and start doing the things that I have been talking, planning scheming, dreaming and making lists about for the longest time.

I’m reminded by an article that I found on the Time To Write blog called Is This The Time To (Finally) Be You? in which the author Jurgen Wolff unveils two parts to an equation.

First of all, the “secret” of finding the very thing that you need to be doing that defines who you are and secondly, how to do the things you need to do that defines you.

He explains the second part of the equation in this way…

You’ve found it. Now what?

Is there a secret? Something they don’t want you to know but that I will reveal to you if you send me lots of money?

No, nobody’s trying to keep it from you and there’s no charge. It’s simple. Not always easy, but simple:

  1. Start
  2. Continue
  3. Fail (because we can imagine perfection but not attain it)
  4. Learn from the failure
  5. Continue
  6. Repeat 3 through 5

Number one is the hardest but the other steps have their drawbacks, too.

So why do it? Because it means something to you.

Yes, being a songwriter, musician, producer and blogger means something to me and no, there is no real secret, just action and for me this means navigating through a minefield of fear and doubt.

This fear and doubt has been something that I have carried with me for many, many, many years and it has been very successful in stopping me doing what I want to be doing with my life.

Not any more.

I have been conveniently been using my day gig as an excuse to not be living the life that I want to be living but at the end of the day I’ve just been very scared of being venerable and putting myself out there to be judged, compared and rated in the minds of the general public.

Now, there is no more “I’ll get around to it when I have the time.” I have all the time that I need and all I’ve got to do is to follow the steps outlined in the article Is This The Time To (Finally) Be You? and I’ll be halfway there.

Wish me luck and watch this space…


Corey ๐Ÿ™‚

Original Source: Is This The Time To (Finally) Be You? – Time To Write

I, like many, many songwriters have a problem…

It’s called “perfectionism” and along with an over-zealous inner voice, this problem has plagued me my whole songwriting/music career.

I have tried many times to snap out of it and to some extent have been temporarily successful numerous times over the years but at the end of the day my default songwriting position is of being paralysed by too much choice.

My main curse is that I don’t finish things. I’ve never really finished things… Songs, tasks, projects, activities. I rarely finish things to the standard that I’d like to finish them at but then again, maybe that’s the problem.

I set impossible standards for myself.

Anyways, I stumbled across an article all about this very problem of perfectionism in songwriting and the author of this article was going through the very same issues as I am, right now.

Reading David Silverstein’s article Why It’s So Important To Finish Your Music And Share It With The World resonated with me on so many levels. In regards to his situation of not finishing his music he writes…

I realized that finalizing and sharing my music was the part that scared me the most. I was afraid. I was afraid of marking something complete because then I would have to answer to my own work. I could and would be held accountable for the result, which my perfectionism was never going to be happy with. If I was going to wait until I was 100% happy with something, I was going to be waiting a very long time.

BINGO! Therein lies my issue… Fear of being accountable for my work, fear of being criticised, receiving negative feedback or having to answer to trolls online.

He goes on by offering some suggestions as to how to get past this fear and for me the first things that I need to do is to stop setting outlandishly unreachable goals for myself. I wasn’t able to finish the FAWM Songwriting Challenge (14 songs in 29 days) this year because of this very fact.

Maybe what I need to do is to stop looking at my songwriting process as a series of sudden bursts of productivity and try to create a songwriting process that is more streamlined, organised, consistent and sustainable.

More than ever, good music needs to be written and shared with the world so why should fear and doubt in my own abilities get in the way of me sharing my music with the world?

David Silverstein finishes off his article with a simple quote from Leonardo da Vinci

Art is never finished, only abandoned

I’ll be using this COVID-19 downtime I find myself in to finally conquer my songwriting fears and doubts. I’ll be finishing a lot of songs.


Corey ๐Ÿ™‚

Original Source: Why it’s so important to finish your music and share it with the world

I think it would be an understatement for me to say that we are all living in interesting times at the moment especially if you work in the entertainment, arts and music industries.

I have musician friends whose livelihoods (for the next 6 months at least) have just evaporated in a blink of an eye. On a personal note, any attempts for me to get back into live gigs have been put on hold.

Thankfully, my day gig is still going so financially I’m doing okay.

I think what I need to be doing right now is bunker down and keep myself and my family safe for the time being and I imagine that is what all of you want to be doing as well.

On my birthday (January 7th) I wrote a post titled Today, I Reaffirm My Musical Goals (A Birthday Gift To Me) where I restated my primary musical goal to you all.

The goal was “โ€ฆto develop, maintain and sustain a career as a songwriter, musician, producer and blogger utilising the internet as my primary tool of promotion, networking and marketing.โ€

Well, in these interesting times we live in, being a musician that sustains a living primarily from the online world doesn’t seem like such a far-fetched goal to realise now.

I mean, as time goes on, there are going to be lots of people that will end up either in self isolation or forced quarantine at home with not much to do.

What do these people need (besides Netflix) to keep them entertained and to stop them from going stir crazy from cabin fever? They need music, they need to experience an online musician or two.

They need people like ME and YOU.

As my way of developing, maintaining and sustaining my own online music career, I’ll be using this COVID-19 driven downtime wisely, researching ways to work from the comfort (and relative safety) of my own home as a songwriter, musician, producer and blogger.

And I’ll be using this blog as a means to document my journey.

I’ll also be using this downtime to concentrate more on my health as I want to be able to give myself the best possible chance I can to get through to the other side of this situation both physically and mentally.

For me and my family.

All I can say right now is keep calm and stay safe, keep your distance, wash your hands and keep on creating.

We need good music, good art, good books, good laughs more than ever before so don’t let all of the panic and hysteria get you down.


Corey ๐Ÿ™‚