Yes, Mara and I got ourselves a puppy. His name is Charlie, he’s a Groodle (a Golden Retriever/Poodle cross) and he’s very, very, very CUTE!

We’ve had Charlie for almost three weeks now and the change in the household has been nothing short of amazing.

There’s less stress (except when the odd accident appears on the floor), more love and an elevated sense of happiness in the house and this in turn, has been good for our overall health as well.

Pets have been proven to lower blood pressure and decrease stress levels which is something that I definitely need in my life at the moment.

As you might imagine, having a puppy in the house when you’re so used to your own company has been quite a challenge and I’ve been a little quiet on the blogging and songwriting front because of this.

I wasn’t able to complete this years FAWM and my Song A Week Challenge has been put on hold for the time being. I just couldn’t sustain the output of music and content plus, look after a demanding puppy at the same time.

Initially, this situation was messing with my head but I’ve gotten past the feelings of guilt and am now just getting on with things.

I’m amazed at how fast Charlie is growing already and I know there will be a time very soon where I’m able to get back to (almost) where I was before with my blogging and songwriting but until then I’ll do the best I can with what time I have at my disposal.

In the meantime, here’s another picture of Charlie just to let sink in how wonderfully cute he is…


Corey (Charlie’s Dad) 🙂