Why Am I Doing This?

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I discovered early on in my career that, as a performing songwriter and musician it’s really, really important to have people to play in front of. Seems a simple enough realization to me.

Playing to an audience had always given me a sense of purpose with my music, which is an end result to all of the hours practicing, rehearsing, writing and honing my craft.

Of course performing in front of an attentive satisfies the ego too but I realized that just satisfying the ego was not enough. Performance is a two way street between performer and audience.

Without one, the other ceases to exist.

It dawned on me that for me to be a successful performer I needed to be successful at giving the audience a reason to care, to touch move and inspire them and then find a way to keep them all in one group and then give them what they want on a regular basis.

Hence this blog and this website. I’m using technology to reach out over the vast expanses of the internet to tap you on the shoulder and say “Hello!”

I want to build a community of people around me and my music and I’ll be doing that by being me, being open and honest and documenting everything that I can on my journey.

I’ll be putting up my music, my images, my videos, my thoughts, feelings and other interesting and useful things I find along the way. All because I want to reach out to you, my audience.

I know that might sound a tad arrogant but, I know that winning you over is not going to come easily. I have to prove my worth to you, prove that I’m worthy of your attention because your time is just as precious as mine and therefore I don’t want to waste it.

If I’m on stage I know where my audience is. When I’m writing for this site I don’t know where you are, it’s exciting and scary all at the same time but it’s worth pursuing. My audience, my community, my friends are out there. I’ve just got to find them.

It is my hope that through this website (and what I put in it) will give you a reason to give me a go, to care enough to tell your friends about what I do, to come to my shows and to allow me to be part of your life through my music.

It would be an honour and a privilege to do so.

As you can read, I take community building very seriously. It’s what the music industry is all about but I will touch on that in later posts.


Corey 🙂

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2016 – The Grand Experiment Begins

Corey Stewart

Hi there,

My name is Corey Stewart and I’m a singer/songwriter/musician/blogger from Australia.

I’ve been writing, recording and playing music for over 30 years and in that time I’ve seen a lot of changes in the music industry especially in the way that musicians such as myself get their product out to a wider audience.

When I first started on my musical journey it was still a really big deal to independently release your own material. The reason being that, the only way to “make it” was to send out lots of demos and hope to get signed to a record label.

Way back then, being an independent musician wasn’t really a viable option financially. There were no broadcast quality home studios in those days so if you wanted to record independently you needed to have a fair bit of money behind you.

Record labels rules the airwaves and independence was only afforded to a very few artists.

Fast forward to today, especially with the internet being a huge influence on society as a whole, the tables seemed to have turned. Home studios are everywhere, distribution of music is much easier to manage and putting out a CD independently is now the done thing for bands and artists.

It’s almost like releasing an independent CD is a right of passage for musicians these days. In fact I released my own CD “Seeing Stars” in 2012 and still have plenty of physical copies of it available (as with most artists who release an independent CD).

However, in spite of it all, this is where my Grand Experiment begins.

You see, since 2000 I have been fascinated and excited about the possibilities for musicians who market themselves online and it’s been since 2004 that I’ve dabbled in creating and maintaining a songwriting and a music industry blog which has enabled me to branch out my experiences to include web development and online marketing.

Over the last few years I have been wondering if it’s really possible to have some sort of success as a singer/songwriter/musician through using the internet and open source software.

I’ve been doing some research and I realise that my ideas are not necessarily treading over virgin territory. Artists such as Brad Sucks, Scott Andrew, Jonathon Coulton, Andy Othling and Ben Walker have paved the way before me, producing great music and using the internet to their fullest advantage at the same time.

Reading their stories and watching what they do (I subscribe to a lot of songwriting and indie music blogs and video channels) inspire me greatly.

I’m not necessarily doing all of this to be some sort of trailblazer, all I want to do is to put my music out there to anyone who wants to hear it, perform my music to anyone who wants to see it and produce my music for anyone who wants to share it/use it for their own projects.

This website will document my journey, warts and all. My quest is to be a self sufficient, independent, online music artist.

My journey starts now.


Corey 🙂