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The “Seeing Stars” Songbook

In the spirit of keeping you all in the loop with what I’m doing, I just wanted to run something by you all… It’s an idea for a different type of product or merchandise? It will be called the “Seeing… Continue Reading →

Never Again Will I Be Afraid Of Words

One of my primary songwriting goals of 2011 is to never be afraid of words again. Ideally, what this means for me is that by conquering my fear of words or, more accurately, the fear of my words (and therefore… Continue Reading →

SongDare – Chords And Lyrics To Download

First of all I just wanted to say a big THANKYOU to everybody who has sent in their SongDare’s to me so far. I’ve been surprised by the response and the encouraging feedback. I’ve been really, really impressed with the… Continue Reading →

SCALA – I’m A Member And You Should Be Too

For those of you who don’t know, SCALA stands for Songwriters, Composers and Lyricists Association and it was formed in 1987 which makes 2010 its 23rd year of helping songwriters be the best they can be. I’ve been a proud… Continue Reading →

Everybody Has A Story – A Song

This song first started out as a musical idea inspired by me mucking around on the piano which I then hammered out on Logic. Adrian and I then nutted out the lyrics in a separate 3 hour session. The interesting… Continue Reading →

All You Need Is Four Chords To Write A Hit Song

Below is a video of a skit performed by Australian musical comedy act “Axis Of Awesome.” This video clearly demonstrates how important song lyrics and vocal melody are in writing and how the song arrangement (in this case it’s the… Continue Reading →

Running Out Of Love – A Song

Image by Kristian D. via Flickr “Running Out Of Love” is the third song that I’ve collaborated with Adrian Miller on and the first re-write we’ve done together. This song was actually a half finished piece I had languishing in… Continue Reading →

Back To Basics – A Song

“Back To Basics” is the second song that I’ve collaborated with Adrian Miller on and it’s also my first multi-tracking effort using Logic Pro 9 on my home studio setup. The song evolved from a conversation that we had in… Continue Reading →

The Joys Of Collaboration

Image via Wikipedia By the end of 2009 I found myself in a real bind creatively. There were no completed songs on the horizon but lots and lots of songwriting ideas archived away on paper or recorded as MP3′s somewhere… Continue Reading →

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