CD Project Update #27 – You Can Now Pre-Order “Seeing Stars”

Now that I’ve finished recording my debut CD, “Seeing Stars” (which has been two years in the making but about 25 years in its development) I’m giving everyone the opportunity to pre-order my CD for only $25.

This offer is only available from May 1st until July 31st, 2012 and with your pre-order you’ll receive:

  • My CD “Seeing Stars” signed by me.
  • One free ticket to my CD Launch on **Sunday, October 14th at The Promethean
  • A 10 track BONUS CD of unreleased demos.
  • A copy of the Seeing Stars Songbook.
  • Your name on the CD credits.
  • My complete and utterly heartfelt gratitude towards you and your family.

**Note the change in date of the CD Launch

If you like, you can pre-order more than one CD so your friends and family don’t miss out on the action as well.

Your pre-order will be shipped to you by the end of August and I’ll even pay for the postage.

Remember, it’s only $25 so to take advantage of this limited time offer, all you need to do is go to my Pre-Order CD page, click on the PayPal button and follow the instructions provided.

Go on, have a go…You know you want to.


Corey :)

CD Project Update #26 – CD Mastering Now Complete

The recording part of my CD officially finished yesterday with the mastering of the recorded tracks completed by Neville Clark at Disk Edits. I was there with Anthony Stewart of Red Brick Music to witness the whole thing.

The process of audio mastering has always been a mystery to me. I know roughly what it is and where it’s placed in the  recording process, but if you asked me to explain it to you in more technical detail, my mind would draw a complete blank.

However, by watching Neville at work, it gave me a little bit more insight into the mysterious world of audio mastering.

 A t the end of the five hour session both and I were given audio reference discs with all the  finished tracks on it. This was so we could give everything a final listen and make note of any changes that would need to be made before we both give the final OK.

That should take a week.

The songs are also in the final CD release order so listening to the disc will give me a chance to see if the proposed order actually works as a whole. I’ve loaded all the tracks onto my Mac and I’m listening to the songs as I’m typing this.

I’ve got to say, the songs are sounding AWESOME!

Now with the recording process officially over, I can now concentrate on:

  • Getting the CD Pre-Order campaign up and running
  • Start officially promoting my CD Launch at The Promethean
  • Anything else that needs to be done (my to-do list is growing every day)

Ah, the joys of being a performing songwriter… I wouldn’t have it any other way :)

CD Project Update #23 – Non Musical Activities

Over the past week I’ve been mainly busy getting stuck into creating the CD artwork plus finalising the CD launch date and the venue.

Yes that’s right… I’ve finally decided on when and where my CD is going to be launched. It will be on Saturday June 30th at The Brunswick Hotel.

For a long time I was going to use the Promethean as the launch venue but, I changed my mind.

I chose June 30th not because it’s the end of the financial year but because it was on the weekend closest to the 2nd year anniversary of when I actually started the process of making this CD (June 26th, 2010).

I chose The Brunswick as the venue for four reasons

1. I already have an ongoing relationship with the venue and its management via the Open Mic I run there every Thursday night.

2. There’s no hire fee for The Brunswick compared to the $500 hire fee I would need to shell out for The Promethean.

3. I can use my own PA system at The Brunswick rather than use the house PA if I were to play at The Promethean

4. I can choose my own date for the launch at The Brunswick instead of working the launch around a busy schedule at The Promethean.

The Brunswick booked me with no hesitations.

I’ve made some changes with the CD title as well. I was going to call it “Out With The Old, In With The New” to signify the releasing out into the ether, old and new music but now I’m going call my CD “Seeing Stars” instead

This decision was based on a fair bit of feedback that I received from you guys that the original title seemed a bit dark and gloomy and not necessarily fitting in with what I was trying to do with the CD.

Fair enough call I reckon…

For the consistency of marketing message I’m also going to base the CD artwork and typography on my current online presence – My website and associated social networking profile avatars.

Everything is still in its early stages but already I can feel the momentum starting to happen. I’ll definitely keep you all posted when more development come to light.

In the meantime I just got to keep moving forward.


Corey :)

CD Project Update #22 – Recording Done, The Fun Now Begins

As predicted in my last CD Project Update, I finished recording all of the tracks yesterday.

It was a strange feeling though, like I was saying goodbye to my songs because I had worked so very closely with them over the last 18 months or so and in that time, I had gotten to know the songs inside and out.

Now I have to let them go and be mixed, mastered and packaged into a CD that I’ll be very proud of. No more overdubbing, no more studio experiments… That’s it, finished.

It all seems very final doesn’t it?

I must say though that my songs now (with the knowledge that there’s a CD coming out) take on a whole new perspective when I play them live. It’s like the time that I’ve taken with them in the studio has given me a whole new outlook on how I can present my songs in a live environment.

As a live performer first and foremost, I’m very, very excited by this realisation.

Another reason that I’m excited is that today I started on my CD Marketing Plan. I want to make sure that I can get everything done by April to June of 2012 as this is when I want the CD launch to be held.

Hopefully by that time people have recovered from the madness that is February and March and would be ready to start going out again even though it’s the end of Autumn/beginning of Winter.

I can now see that the recording of the tracks was the easy part. Getting everything to the finished product stage is where the fun truly begins.

As usual I’ll keep you all posted…


Corey :)

CD Project Update #21 – A Revised Timeline

I was in the studio on Wednesday (23rd November) and completed the backing vocals to “Don’t Turn To Me Now”, “Jigsaw” and “Seeing Stars.” I’ve only got the backing vocals for three more songs to go and all the recording for the CD will be done.

Man that is going to be a load off my back but of course that doesn’t mean that the CD is ready to release.

The next step after recording is for the tracks to be mixed down and balanced by Anthony Stewart. After discussions with Anthony about this, we’ve worked out that this next process is looking like being finished by the end of February 2012.

While the mixing of the tracks is taking place I’ll be making sure that the artwork for the CD will be completed by the same time. Once this is done we are then well and truly on the home stretch.

With the mixing and the artwork completed, all that needs to be done is for the tracks to be mastered by Neville Clarke at DiskEdits and then for the physical product to be printed and put together which will be done by Alec Gheude at Pro Advanced Media.

Only after all of that will I then have my own debut CD in my hot little hands. I’m anticipating that this will happen by the end of April 2012 so there’s a little bit more of a wait ahead for me but I tell you what…

It’ll be well worth it.


Corey :)

CD Project Update #20 – Not Long To Go Now

My sincere apologies for the sporadic nature of these CD Project updates. I’ll try to do better from now on :)

In the months since my last CD Project update, the recording process has been a little stop/start with illness or unavailability of either myself or Anthony Stewart getting in the way however, I’m happy to say that all of the instrumental recording were completed a couple of weeks ago.

The Running Sheet

The only thing left to do now are the backing vocals.

Yesterday I had Alex Frost come in and put some vocals on a couple of songs “Seeing Stars” and “A Girl Like You” which turned out really well.

Alex Singing

My goal was to get all recording finished by the end of November and I’m happy to say that this goal is still very achievable.

I’ve now finalised the 12 songs that are going onto the CD. They are (in alphabetical order)

  • A Girl Like You
  • Don’t Turn To Me Now
  • Half Hearted Man
  • Jigsaw
  • Just One Kiss
  • Leave It All Behind
  • Missing You Already
  • Nothing Stands In Your Way
  • Seeing Stars
  • Shadows
  • The Back Of My Mind
  • We Can’t Get Together Anymore

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the tracks that are left over but I’m leaning towards giving some music away as a way of promoting the CD. I’l keep you all posted as to what I decide.

I think now is the time for me to start putting together some ideas for the design and the pre and post launch promotion/marketing of the CD. Maybe a photo session is going to be needed as well.

So much to do, so little time.


Corey :)

CD Project Update #19 – It’s Slowly But Surely

Recording is now back into full swing at Red Brick Music for my CD last Wednesday (May 25th) and we’re now putting electric guitar onto the tracks that feature Stig Lindell’s keyboard tracks.

The two tracks we worked on were Don’t Turn To Me Now and Shadows.

The main challenge that Darren and I were facing on the day was to come up with guitar overdub ideas that successfully weave in-between what the keyboards were doing. This is so we can try and get some sort of balance between the two instruments.

I think we did pretty well on the day.

I even attempted to put down a lead solo in Shadows which was a daunting task with both Darren and our engineer, Anthony Stewart being gun guitarists themselves.

The end result however, is something that I’m really proud of and it was an experience that filled me with a little bit more confidence in my electric guitar playing.

Speaking about electric guitar, here are some more photos of Darren’s rig…

Darren’s Amps

Darren’s Pedals

Darren Jamming

Until the next time…


Corey :)

CD Project Update #18 – The Marvels Of Modern Technology

Yes, I know there’s been a long time between CD Project updates but (as outlined in a previous post) there’s not much I could do if I can’t physically get to the studio.

Anyways, here’s what’s been happening in the last few weeks

The initial eight Stig Lindell keyboard tracks done at Chapel Lane Studios have now been integrated with the tracks recorded at Red Brick Music and the results so far are stunning to say the least.

Thank goodness the tracks were all recorded with a click-track otherwise trying to match the recorded files from two separate studio locations would have been a logistical nightmare.

The rest of the keyboard tracks will be completed by Stig in the not too distant future but this time instead of recording them at Chapel Lane again, he will be recording them in his studio in Sweden.

I have put the rest of the files up onto my server. Stig can then download the files, do what he needs to do to them and then upload the results back up to my server again.

Ahh, the marvels of modern technology…

Speaking about modern technology, my car is now cleared of any defects and is allowed back onto the road which means that recording will start again from next Wednesday.

All that needs to be done now is for Darren to finish off his guitar parts (going for a goal of one track per week) and for the final vocals and other bits and pieces to be recorded and then we’re onto the next phase…

The creation of the physical product, which reminds me, I must organise photos, graphics then the printing, duplication plus, the venue for the CD launch.

Well, I’m off to create yet another list.


Corey :)

CD Project Update #17 – It’s On The FlashDrive

Today I’m going into Chapel Lane Studios to pick up my 8GB flash-drive with Stig Lindell’s keyboard parts on it all mixed and lined up ready to be taken back to Anthony Stewart at Red Brick Music to be integrated into his system.

Today is also the day that Darren Zaza goes back into the studio and overdubs his electric guitar parts to “We Can’t Be Together Anymore.” Last Wednesday he completed his guitar parts to “Jigsaw.”

I can’t wait to hear what he has done with both songs as I haven’t been able to get to the studio due to prior recording commitments.

Lately I’ve had more and more people ask me when the CD is going to be finished.

I’m hoping that by the start of the new financial year (July 1st, 2011) I will have a finished CD in my hands and ready to be launched onto an unsuspecting public but, as with all good goals though, it’s best to not set them in concrete.

I’ll keep you posted as always.


Corey :)

CD Project Update #16 – On The Home Stretch

Last weeks CD recording schedule had achieved much more than I anticipated and for that I’m very, very grateful.

All of the vocal tracks were completed last Wednesday at Red Brick Music and on the Thursday at Chapel Lane Studios, Stig Lindell put down keyboards on 7 of the 15 tracks.

He went back to Sweden on Monday however, he has suggested that I send the remaining tracks over for him to finish off.

I want to publicly say a big THANK YOU to Stig for his time and dedication to my CD Project. The tracks sound absolutely superb and the whole process has inspired me in ways that I can’t adequately express in words.

Here are some pictures I took of the sessions at Chapel Lane Studios last week…

The Control Room

Stig Laying Down A Track

Chord Chart (Seeing Stars)

Gabe (The Engineer) = Lightning Fast!

I can safely say that in regards to the recording part of the CD Project, I’m now on the home stretch.

Darren and I have to finish off the electric guitar tracks plus backing vocals, some percussion and miscellaneous production tweaks need to be completed before the mixdown and mastering of all the tracks take place.

Then the fun starts…

Artwork, printing, CD duplication, promotion, CD launch organisation and everything else in between. I’ve got to start making a list.


Corey :)