Sting’s Songwriting Process – A Video Insight

Recently I stumbled across this old video of Jools Holland interviewing Sting (circa mid 1980′s) and it gives a brilliant insight into the way that Sting gathers, processes and demos his songwriting ideas before introducing it to the rest of the Police band members.

Even though the video primarily focuses on how he come up with Message In A Bottle (one of my all time favourite songs) there are plenty of pearls of wisdom to be had if you listen for it.

Look out for the introduction of Dennis as one of the central characters in his songwriting process.

I loved every minute of this video especially the old recording technology I mean, I used to have one of those old Tascam 4 track machines. It’s also interesting to hear Sting say that he writes his songs from a title, something that I tend to do as well.

Did you find any pearls of wisdom in this video? If you did let me know.


Corey 🙂

3 thoughts on “Sting’s Songwriting Process – A Video Insight

  1. I really enjoyed this so much, I adore Sting and his work. I wonder he is using that drum machine as a standard way to get the basics down and how much variation in tempo and rhythm is achieved, or is it not necessary at that early stage ?

    1. Hi Cindy,

      I think the use of the drum machine (Derek) in the video was a means to make the creation of the songwriting idea an easier process. In that early stage, the beat could’ve been anything as long as it was within a rhythmic and tempo ballpark. Get something down and then listen to it later to refine the song idea.

      Corey 🙂

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