For me, writing songs has been primarily a solitary pursuit however, over recent years I have been really enjoying collaborating with many songwriters, lyricists and instrumentalists culminating in a number of online releases…

Geoffrey Stapleton – The Self Fulfilling Prophecy Machine


Software Baby


Adrian Miller – Green Trampoline

Adrian and I have been collaborating on and off for many years now and we’ve been fortunate to have some songs placed with the following artists/bands…

1. Krista Pav – Australian Indigenous Artist
We have three of our tracks on her “Free Spirit” EP released in 2014.

Angel Wings

Back To Square One

Free Spirit

2. PlanB Australia – International Rock ‘n’ Soul Specialists
We have one track “Wynton Marsalis” included on their recently released album upcoming album “Time Is A Diamond.”

Jeff Smith – Rhymeworks

Great mate and all round good guy Jeff Smith runs Rhymeworks Studios and has been recording and releasing his music through video on his YouTube channel.

Jeff and I get together on most Monday nights and generally come out with a song at the end of it. This way of working has resulted in a digital release titled Destination Anywhere and our latest release, an instrumental album titled Meridians.

Destination Anywhere – BandCamp

Meridians – BandCamp

Here are a couple of videos Jeff created for Growin’ and Sunset Groove, two songs on the Meridians album


Sunset Groove

Ross Hood – Care Radio

Ross and I wrote all the songs for a digital release called Childhood Memories which was a way that Ross could dedicate something from his heart to his late Mother. In fact, it was the first major recording project that I did at SongMachine.

I’m currently in the process of writing songs with Ross for his second release.