Even though I wrote my first official song at around the age of 13, I have been making up musical snippets, singing random melodies and writing poems and stories ever since I can remember.

I guess that the urge to create through writing has been within me for a very long time.

Listed below are the songwriting based activities I am currently involved with at the moment.

Aural Portfolio

If artists and photographers can have a visual portfolio of their work then why can’t a songwriter like me have an online aural portfolio of my songs? Here is the place where I showcase my completed songs plus upload my song demos and works in progress. These songs are either solo penned pieces or collaborations with others.


I think one of the best ways to develop and master the craft of songwriting is to collaborate with other songwriters and lyricists as much as you can. Here is where I showcase my wonderful collaborators and the works we produce.


It’s only been in the last few years that I’ve seriously considered putting together a home recording setup of my own (SongMachine) for personal use and the occasional audio project that comes my way.