I, like everybody else freaks out just a little when faced with the task of writing their own artist bio so at this time I’m going to be using an older bio written in 2013 (see download link below) until I write myself a new one.

Essentially what is written is still relevant however, a lot has changed in six years… I mean, the music industry as a whole has changed dramatically in that time let alone me as an artist.

Corey Stewart – The Songs, The Sound, The Voice

With a voice described as “Sting being dipped in chocolate” and armed with a dynamic and groove oriented acoustic guitar or funky bass style, Corey Stewart provides a sophisticated air of cool, smooth brilliance to his meticulously crafted songs either as a soloist or in a band setting.

Corey started his journey as a songwriter and performing musician since officially writing his first song at the age of 13.

In just under 30 years in the music industry Corey has performed in countless bands, written hundreds of songs, played in too many gigs for him to remember, made many, many friends and experienced all the highs and lows of being a singer/songwriter, musician in Australia.

In between writing and performing his songs (for his own live music projects and for other artists) Corey has also been involved with different songwriting organisations around Australia and the world.

He has judged many songwriting contests and band competitions, taught guitar and bass, been a musical director for touring bands and worked in recording studios as a session musician for hire.

In between all of this Corey also runs his own songwriting consultancy and online music marketing/web development business from his hometown of Adelaide, South Australia”

Over the years I have participated either in a studio or live environment in many projects in the capacity of live performer, studio musician for hire or, as a musical director.

Music has taken me from Adelaide to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and most major country centres in between. Here is a quick list of Musicians, Bands and Associations I have worked closely with or, have been a support act for:

I’ve Supported:

  • Pete Murray
  • Renee Geyer
  • Tim Finn
  • Tom Bolton

I’ve Worked With:

  • Hothouse Flowers
  • GANGgajang
  • Geoffrey Stapleton
  • PlanB
  • The Prospectors
  • James Black
  • Teale Jakubenko
  • Phil Ceberano
  • APRA
  • FEAST Festival
  • Music Business Adelaide
  • Courtney Robb
  • Robyn Habel
  • Soul Trader
  • Liam Gerner
  • Jay Jaxson
  • Heather Frahn
  • Kelly B
  • Jude Elliot
  • Steve Lennox
  • Andy & Marta
  • Caramigo
  • Alex Frost
  • Avra Velis
  • Tim Carter
  • The Liars Bench

If you have any questions or, you want to book me as either an acoustic/electric guitarist, bassist, vocalist or a music director for your next project please feel free to contact me.

Of course, if you want to find out more about my music career you can download my full bio

As well as performing as a solo artist or in my own band, I also participate in a number of other live music projects. Check out the links below…

The Self Fulfilling Prophecy Machine (TSFPM)

The Synchronicity Police – Australia’s Premier Police Tribute Show