So far the merging of all of my external songwriting and music business content into Corey Stewart Online has been a successful exercise but there have been many times throughout this merging process though that I’ve asked myself the question, “Why do I blog?”

Why do I even bother sometimes with this urge to write down my thoughts and activity into my blog and then share that information with the rest of the world?

Well, I blog for a variety of reasons…

  • To help me remember what I’ve done
  • To reach out, communicate and collaborate with others
  • To fully engage in my love of writing and language
  • To empty all the stuff that accumulates in my head
  • To help me learn new things more effectively
  • To make my life journey less of a lonely one
  • To build communities of like minded individuals
  • To become more mindful of what I do in life
  • To help me become a better person

I‘m not pretending to be an expert on anything that I write about here. All I’m really doing is writing about what I know, what I’ve experienced and what I’ve learnt along the way in my chosen fields of passion and interest.

In an earlier post, I made a decision recently to become more mindful of my life and to stop living on autopilot. Creating Corey Stewart Online is the best way I can think of to slow my life down enough to examine what I do through writing it down and then having the option of publishing it online.

This blog is the most literal way I can think of to demonstrate my willingness to be mindful plus, writing things down is the best way for me to learn new things more effectively.

At the end of the day, Corey Stewart Online is all about me creating a community of like minded individuals who can come together, get to know each other through common interests and to help one another out on our respective individual paths.

Plus, if I can interest a few of you in checking out my music along the way that would be awesome too.


Corey 🙂

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