Corey Stewart Online Website Update

As of today (August 7th, 2016) the look, feel and overall concept of Corey Stewart Online will have changed dramatically.

For a fair while now, this site has been hovering in a bit of a holding pattern while I was taking a break from things and deciding what to do next with my music career and life in general.

Compared to what this website was looking like in recent times, the main change that you would notice is that there are more pages on the site which will reflect the different areas of my life that I want to document.

I thought it was about time to really start showcasing my songs (either as works in progress or completed) and my collaborations with other songwriters again plus my home recording studio. I also want to set up some webspace for a number of songwriting services that I will be launching in the next couple of months.

This will outline the music projects that I am currently working on. Right now I feel like I am approaching the end of my break from live performance which means I am moving into some sort of development stage. Once I know more about what I’ll be doing live I’ll be adding to this section of Corey Stewart Online.

Thanks to a friend of mine who asked me to create a web presence for her fledgling catering business, I have decided to get back into web development using WordPress. I am not going to be diving head first into the web development pool but I think it’s a good idea for me to keep my skills up as most of my web work will be for my sites anyway.

In my quest to live a more examined life, one of the main things I have decided recently is be much more transparent with my life online hence the “personal” section of Corey Stewart Online. This particular section will document my non-musical activities as well as my beliefs, thoughts, rants and other stuff of a philosophical nature.

Although I’ve done a lot on this website it’s by no means finished… It will always be a constant work in progress, and there will be some tinkering around the edges every now and then but at this stage, I’m very happy with the way the new site looks and feels.

If you have any feedback or suggestions as to what else I can do with Corey Stewart Online you can always contact me and let me know what you think because right now I’m feeling focussed and very inspired.

I think it’s time to write some songs now.


Corey 🙂

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