Corey Stewart Online Website Update (Part 2)

If this is the first time you’ve visited Corey Stewart Online then this post will mean nothing to you however, if you’ve been here before you would’ve noticed a few changes to the site and its content in recent times.

The most obvious change has been the new look to accommodate more functionality and customisation of the content I write and provide. However, this outward change was inspired by the fact that I have made a significant inward change in the way I do things online.

I have now amalgamated my blogs about Songwriting (All About Songwriting), Music Business (All About Music Business) and my soon to be released blog on Home Recording (All About Home Recording) into Corey Stewart Online making everything that I do now come out of the one website.

For a long time I was finding it harder and harder to gain any forward momentum with my content creation because of the seemingly enormous task at hand with trying to keep up with manage multiple blogs from the same voice.

I have done this blog merge for four reasons…

1. It will greatly increase my productivity because I will only have one website to take care of, one blog to update and one set of social media platforms, mailing lists and emails to manage on a daily basis. I can now stop being paralysed by too much choice and a slave to unreachable writing goals.

2. It will allow me to finally “own” my presence on the web by eliminating the need for me to hide behind different names. All About Songwriting, All About Music Business and All About Home Recording were all me anyway so why couldn’t I run it all from one website.

3. It will allow me to better focus my efforts to communicate with my readership by funnelling everyone into one website/blog and mailing list. The amount of traffic my content creates will be merged into one statistic not diluted into four separate site. which will give me a far better idea how my blogging efforts are going.

4. It will allow me to devote more time to creating, recording and promoting my music which was the whole reason I started becoming active online in the first place. Doing this blog merge will also give me more time to switch just off and do some other things in my life (which include doing nothing at all).

I realise that doing this will create some sort of logistical nightmare as all of the blogs had their own micro social media networks but I’ll be able to sort all that out in time. The main thing is that I can now get back to regular blogging and get on with the job of being the online musician that I want to be.

I think all of the major changes are done but from time to time you’ll notice some tweaks here and there but at the end of the day, I’m feeling excited about what is around the corner which will include more songs, more videos and more gigs (yes, I’m now starting to miss playing live again).


Corey 🙂

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