CD Baby DIY Musicians Podcast. I Love It!

I love podcasts…

I love the fact that you can subscribe to something that gives you the information you want as it comes out plus the extra benefit of being able to revisit the information at anytime you want.

A podcast is really handy when you’re driving and you want to hear something other than the radio.

I’ve only just started listening to podcasts and what I’ve noticed is that there are very few songwriting and music business podcasts that are worth listening to. An exception to the rule however, is the CD Baby DIY Musicians Podcast.

I love it.

Along with the CD Baby DIY Musicians Blog it’s very informative, professionally put together podcast but at the same time, it’s personable and informal without sounding like one huge infomercial in which other podcasts I’ve subscribed to are guilty of.

I’ve just downloaded the whole series onto my iPad and with every one I listen to I pick up at least one new idea, something that I can use in my own music business. In future posts I’ll share with you the ideas and concepts that really inspire me.

My iTunes is telling me that listening to the whole series will take over four days. I best get a move on.


Corey 🙂

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