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The Start Of My Piano Playing Exploits

On October 17th I did something that I had wanted to do for a very long time but either never had the skill or, the confidence to do I played a song on keyboards in front of an audience. This… Continue Reading →

Taking My First Steps Towards Authenticity

Since my CD launch on October 14th, there have been a lot of realisations and changes happening in my life. Some I have initiated and some have just happened whether I liked it or not. As I mentioned in an… Continue Reading →

The “Seeing Stars” Songbook

In the spirit of keeping you all in the loop with what I’m doing, I just wanted to run something by you all… It’s an idea for a different type of product or merchandise? It will be called the “Seeing… Continue Reading →

My Trip Down (Data) Memory Lane

Recently I’ve been clearing out all of my external hard-drives and sorting out my audio and visual archives and I’ve been having a really wonderful time doing it. For me, there’s nothing like a trip down memory lane from time… Continue Reading →

Learning To Love The Gigs Again

I officially ended my holidays by playing my first gig for 2012 at the Hotel Royal last night and you know what… I was enjoying getting back in to the groove after a much needed break. By the end of… Continue Reading →

The Joy Of Learning New Songs

For my first official day back from the Xmas/New Year break I spent the good part of yesterday compiling a list of covers that I wanted to learn and integrate into my Corey Stewart Solo and FIGJAM Duo/Band song-lists for… Continue Reading →

Goals For 2012 – #1 Get Healthy (and Happy)

Now with the haze that is the Xmas and New Year’s festivities out of the way, the realisation has hit me that 2012 is finally here. I’m now back in the land of the living which means it’s time to… Continue Reading →

Speeding Towards 2012

Last night I played my final gig for 2011 and with that out of the way I now have three weeks off, the first time I’ve had a gig-free break this long for years and let me tell you… I… Continue Reading →

Finally, AFL Is Over For Another Year

For me, this time of year between the end of the AFL season and the beginning of the Cricket season is absolutely wonderful. As a professional musician who plays in pubs where there are huge flatscreen televisions pumping out some… Continue Reading →

What Have I Been Doing Lately?

“Hey Corey, what have  you been doing lately?” Now I like being busy but I’ve noticed that over the past three months I’ve been getting busier and busier and looking at my diary for the next three months it’s even… Continue Reading →

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