“Synchronicity” The Australian Police Show – Adelaide Fringe 2013

This year for the 2013 Adelaide Fringe I dust off the vocal chords for another round of performing the classic songs of The Police as part of “Synchronicity” The Australian Police Show.

TSP-Poster 2013

As mentioned on the “Synchronicity” Fringe Festival page…

“SYNCHRONICITY” return to this years fringe with a new 90 minute show packed full of power house POLICE hits. This show takes you on a POLICE album journey which will satisfy even the most avid POLICE fan.

Not just a show but a concert event not to be missed!”

It’s going to be HUGE. One show only.

The show is at The Cavern Club located at Station Arcade, North Terrace in the City starting at 8:30pm and the tickets are $28. You can order them online through the Synchronicity Fringe Festival page.

We’re just about to start rehearsals for this show which promises to be better than all our other shows combined. We’ve been out of the loop for a while but we are champing at the bit to get back on stage and channel the greatest band in the world… The Police.

Hope to see you there,


Corey :)

Sting’s Songwriting Process – A Video Insight

I stumbled across this old video of Jools Holland interviewing Sting (circa mid 80′s) recently and it gives a brilliant insight into the way that Sting gathers, processes and demos his songwriting ideas before introducing it to the rest of the Police band members

Even though the video primarily focuses on how he come up with “Message In A Bottle” (one of my all time favourite songs) there are plenty of pearls of wisdom to be had if you listen for it.

Look out for the introduction of Dennis as one of the central characters in his songwriting process.

I loved every minute of this video especially the old recording technology I mean, I used to have one of those Tascam 4 track machines (ahh, the memories of it all). I hope you enjoyed it too, let me know what you think.


Corey :)

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The Synchronicity Police VS Pure Blondie – The Day After!

Today I’ve been in recovery mode after the TSP vs Pure Blondie show last night. Recharging my batteries so to speak.

I want to personally thank everyone who braved the incredibly shitty weather and turned up. I know you wouldn’t have been disappointed.

For me, the whole night was fantastic and there were a lot of people there enjoying both bands and getting into the spirit of the US vs UK new wave tribute concept.

We started off proceedings at 10pm and for just over an hour we gave the crowd a little bit of a Police history lesson, going through all their hits and a few of their well known album tracks.

People were dancing, singing along to the choruses and getting into the audience participation and the duet that Lisel (from the Pure Blondie show) did on “Wrapped Around Your Finger” went down with the crowd really, really well.

I had a lot of fun…

I managed to catch a little bit of the Pure Blondie show from side of stage while I was waiting for my turn to get up and do my rendition of “Rapture Riders” with the band and I was impressed with the way that all of the band members really got into their collective roles and also for their use of props to really drive the Blondie concept home for their fans.

Personally, I learnt a lot from them in terms of band promotion and merchandising (they had t-shirts for sale at the gig) and at the same time made some friends along the way.

There is another TSP vs Pure Blondie show planned for later on in the year but it’s not confirmed as yet so watch this space.

Now, another working week beckons…


Corey :)

The Synchronicity Police VS Pure Blondie

As you would’ve read in my last post Help! I’m Paralysed By Too Much Choice on August 10th, I was having a hard time moving forward and you would’ve also found out that I come across these types of challenges from time to time.

Thankfully this latest challenge was very short lived.

It’s amazing what a chat and a good old fashioned arse-kicking from a close friend can do for you (thanks Romana). I now feel like I’m back on track and much less paralysed by the choices I have to make.

At the moment I’m busily preparing for an upcoming show. The Synchronicity Police at The Arkaba Top Room with the Pure Blondie Tribute Show this coming Saturday August 14th. It’s a kind of UK vs USA new wave band type of thing which should prove very interesting.

The singer for Pure Blondie came up with this crazy idea (so crazy that it just might work) that I do a duet with her in their set and she do a duet with me in our set. The interesting part is the choice of song I’m doing with Pure Blondie…

It’s a remix of “Rapture” called “Rapture Riders” and it has Jim Morrison singing “Riders On The Storm” superimposed over Blondie’s musical backing.

Love the song, here’s the video of it

Hmmm, must see if I can find my leather pants for that one ;)


Corey :)

The Synchronicity Police vs Pure Blondie at The Arkaba (Top Room) Saturday August 14th. Tickets $15, doors open at 8:30pm with TSP starting at 9:30pm.

The Synchronicity Police

For years I’ve had people say to me that my voice sounds like Sting. Initially I was a bit taken aback by these comments however, I now regard statements such as this as an amazing compliment so I asked myself “why not put this Sting-esque voice of mine to good use and form a Police tribute show?”

Hence The Synchronicity Police (also affectionately known as “TSP”) was created.

TSP was born out of an obsessive passion of all things Police and Sting by myself and long time mates Greg Adamopoulos (Andy Summers) and Dave Branton (Stewart Copeland). We recreate a 2 hour live Police experience utilising all of the classic Police hits such as Message In A Bottle, Walking On The Moon and (of course) Roxanne which has been a crowd favourite at my own live shows.

Very recently we have added renowned keyboard player Victor Oria to the mix and in the future we’re going to expand the repertoire to include the very best of Stings solo catalogue.

Here is a recent review of our Fringe show (Steph Glaser, Independent Weekly March 9th, 2010):

“… Corey Stewart, Greg Adamopoulos and Dave Branton were The Police.

Ripping the bass during the first set, Stewart belted out favourites such as Don’t Stand so Close to Me, De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da and Wrapped Around Your Finger while Adamopoulos jammed on guitar and Branton pounded the drums. They also covered B-sides such as When the World is Running Down and It’s Alright for You. Stewart’s singing, especially the wails and screams, did more than justice to Sting, while Adamopoulos and Branton amply honoured Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland.

The first set ran slightly short, but the trio absolutely rocked the second set. The middle-aged crowd appeared to relive the 80′s while they sang, danced and pumped their fists to the power hits Every Little Thing She Does is Magic‚ Message in a Bottle, and King of Pain. The band didn’t disappoint with a seemingly endless encore that included Roxanne, Every Breath You Take and So Lonely.

This is truly a tribute show and it’s easy to see the band members are hard-core fans.”

The above review was a good one and I’m very proud of TSP and what we’ve achieved so far. I know that we would rock any venue that decides to have us.

If you have any questions about TSP please contact me however, for any booking enquiries please contact Peter Hunt at TSP Management on 0417 862 660 or by email.

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