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I’ve been singing songs and writing stuff for as long as I can remember, it’s always been part of my life growing us but I started studying music formally at the age of 12.

It was at that time that immersed myself in clarinet and music theory lessons through my tenure at Northfield High School.

I knew early on (thanks to a music teacher who played in cover bands around Adelaide) that the life of an orchestral player and/or a music teacher was not for me. I wanted to write songs and be in a “real” band… A rock band!

At high school a “rock band” in the loosest sense of the word was formed and I assumed the role as its lead singer. I was never comfortable however, with just singing and not playing an instrument but I remedied that by learning my first guitar chord at 13 and from then on, my life changed forever.

I did enough on the clarinet to pass with flying colours but my new passion was guitar as it was my ticket to writing songs and being in a band. I felt the stars developing in my eyes.

Once I left school I formed a band with a group of school friends and fuelled by the story of U2 (which ran something like: four friends, formed a band but didn’t know what they were doing musically but somehow became one of the biggest bands in the world) we embarked on our journey towards world domination but I learnt very quickly that this was not to be the case.

I decided to learn bass guitar when I was 16, partly because I could never find a bass player who could play what I wanted to hear but also I was inspired by the same old music teacher (you know, the one who played in a cover band) who said to me that “…good bass players are really hard to find and you’ll always find work if you can play (bass) and sing at the same time”

And with that statement, my musical path was mapped out in front of me. All I needed to do was to walk it.

Thirty years on and I’m amazed at where this music thing has taken me. I have met some wonderful people, recorded and played with some inspiring musicians, toured most of Australia, performed at some amazing venues and all in all, managed to make a living out of something that is an essential part of who I am as a human being.

Today I still write songs and perform them, in fact I released my first CD in October 2012 after many years of playing on the CD’s of other musicians.

As well as playing around town either as a solo artist or in a band format, I’ve formed a power quartet named The Self Fulfilling Prophecy Machine plus, I tackle the role of Sting in The Synchronicity Police, Australia’s premier Police tribute show.

Yes, it’s covers but that’s okay with me 🙂

The way that I see it it, I’m a live musician and a songwriter through and through and I’ll take any opportunity to get onto a stage and essentially show off my musical and vocal abilities.

The most important thing that I’ve learnt on my musical journey so far is that no matter what happens in my life I’ll always have music and (whether it likes it or not) music will always have me, as it’s disciple, student, apprentice and biggest fan.


Corey 🙂

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