Due to a personal issue that I’m having to deal with, the amount of musical activity has dropped dramatically to the point where I was only able to upload one song for the challenge taking my total so far to 22 songs.

However, this doesn’t bother me for two main reasons…

Firstly, the personal issue I’m dealing with is far more demanding for my attention than the challenge (it’s all a matter of priorities).

Secondly, I’m due for a bit of a break anyway and I’ve worked out that I’m far enough ahead that I can afford to take some time off (I still have songs in the pipeline to finish off and upload so catching up on lost time won’t be that difficult to do).

So, with that said, let’s look at the concept of taking time-out from writing songs for a bit here.

I used to feel really guilty if I took time-out from anything that I was doing whether it be my job, my music work or in fact, anything at all. The guilt would come from the false notion that being busy equals being productive which I now know is not necessarily the case.

Sometimes doing nothing can be the most productive thing you can do for that moment in time and giving myself the permission to temporarily pause my involvement with the 50/90 challenge has enabled me to take some extra and unnecessary stress out of my life as I deal with what I need to deal with.

I hope to get back onto the 50/90 wagon by the end of this week but what I’ve noticed since taking the break is that my desire to be part of the challenge is becoming stronger because I’m missing the marathon like pace of my songwriting at this time.

This is a good thing.

If you want to check out what I’ve done so far just head on over to my 50/90 Song Challenge page and if there’s a song idea you’d like me to tackle for the challenge just let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you.


Corey 🙂

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