Songwriting – Don’t Think About It, Just Write It

Most songwriters generally overlook the most important aspect of what they do. WRITING SONGS. defines the word songwriting as “writing the music and words of songs” but personally, I don’t think that definition really goes deep enough.

I propose the meaning should be “…the process in which a song is created using words and melody”

The word SONGWRITING is comprised of two words, SONG and WRITING. The song part is the end result of the writing part.

I can talk until I’m blue in the face about things like the structure of verses, choruses, middle-eights, bridges, pre-choruses, the length of an intro or the exact position of a song hook but without taking time out to engage in the physical activity of writing the song, all that theory becomes meaningless.

For me, writing songs is much, much more than the song itself. Its a whole process, a discipline, a meditation and a way of life and what a life it is so far.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying a real creative spurt in my own songwriting.

It’s been fuelled by me teaming up with talented collaborators, recent purchases of musical equipment and being able to finally give myself the permission to just write.

Finishing the recording of my CD went a long way in getting my creative juices flowing again and with that, I reckon I’ve rediscovered the secret to writing songs:

“Don’t think about it, just write it.”

Seems simple enough, but it’s amazing how in recent times I was doing more thinking and less writing rather than the other way around.

Well, not anymore… Bring it on.


Corey :)

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