Musical Brainwaves – Using The Home Recording Studio

In an earlier post I mentioned that I was involved with a community songwriting project called “Musical Brainwaves” with good friend and award winning singer/songwriter Heather Frahn.

Well, today and tomorrow, Heather and I will be completing the recording of the song “The Second Time Around” for the project. This will be the first time that my home studio will be used to record something that will be formally released to the general public (albeit a limited release of about 50 copies).

Heather has brought over her mobile recording booth (which I’ll be purchasing for myself later on down the track) to ensure that we get the clearest recordings possible.

I’m really excited about this because it marks another milestone in my learning the craft of recording audio at home however, if I was asked a few years ago whether I would be excited about recording something myself I would’ve said a resounding NO as my answer.

There was a time where I was really afraid of the recording process and always thought that recording music in a studio was something “other people did.”

I have tried a few times over the years to put together a home recording studio but I never used it through the fear of not recording something good.

How silly is that? Me being scared of a medium that if something is not right I could always delete and start again.

Anyway, yesterday I tidied up all of the audio tracks that Heather and I recorded at Flinders Uni over the last three weeks (some choral work in the chorus and some spoken word bits in the bridge) ready for the final instrumental overdubs.

Control Room

Keys & Headphones

Heather’s Portable Vocal Booth

Today is when the real fun begins…


Corey :)

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