CD Project Update #19 – It’s Slowly But Surely

Recording is now back into full swing at Red Brick Music for my CD last Wednesday (May 25th) and we’re now putting electric guitar onto the tracks that feature Stig Lindell’s keyboard tracks.

The two tracks we worked on were Don’t Turn To Me Now and Shadows.

The main challenge that Darren and I were facing on the day was to come up with guitar overdub ideas that successfully weave in-between what the keyboards were doing. This is so we can try and get some sort of balance between the two instruments.

I think we did pretty well on the day.

I even attempted to put down a lead solo in Shadows which was a daunting task with both Darren and our engineer, Anthony Stewart being gun guitarists themselves.

The end result however, is something that I’m really proud of and it was an experience that filled me with a little bit more confidence in my electric guitar playing.

Speaking about electric guitar, here are some more photos of Darren’s rig…

Darren’s Amps

Darren’s Pedals

Darren Jamming

Until the next time…


Corey :)

The End Of The World = May 21st, 2011

According to some, the day of Judgement (the starting point of the end of the world) will take place tomorrow, May 21st, 2011.

I’m not sure of the exact time but apparently it’s definitely tomorrow sometime.

Personally, I’m pretty sure that May 22nd is going to like any other day but I’ll make sure I post some proof on here that I (and everyone else in this world) am still very much alive and well.

“Who are these people?” I hear you ask. Check out this video.

End Of The World – New York Post

However, if for some reason I’m wrong… Well, it’s been nice knowing you all.

R.E.M. – It's The End Of The World


Corey :)

What Does A Leap Of Faith Feel Like?

Last night at the Open Mic @ The Dan (a weekly Open Mic that I run) I was having a chat with someone who was just about to experience her first time performing at the Open Mic.

She was very, very nervous and was almost in tears with the thought of getting up on stage and bearing herself to a room full of musicians who she felt were way better than her.

She was having second thoughts about performing and she was up on stage next.

I could only imagine that for someone who has only just started playing the guitar not even six months ago, the thought of coming to a well attended Open Mic full of quality performers such as the one at The Dan would be unthinkable.

She was grappling with the concept of stepping right out of her comfort zone and taking a leap of faith.

As I was chatting to her I was starting to think what a leap of faith would feel like and how I could adequately put the feeling into words. I then had a moment of clarity where I was reminded of the first time I jumped off the high diving tower at the local swimming pool many, many years ago.

I could remember in every detail walking up the ladder towards the top, giddy with anticipation but intensely nervous at the same time.

I remember being up there for what seemed like eternity, and having the feeling of being completely paralysed by fear but I couldn’t climb down from the platform as the fear of losing face in front of the others kids was stronger.

I remembered finally taking a deep breath, running towards the edge and (with an almighty scream) jumping in.

This flashback I experienced only lasted for a brief moment but in that moment I was taking the leap of faith with her.

Just before she went on stage I told her of my diving tower analogy and that by going through with her performance she will change her worldview (and her place in it) forever.

She then got up on stage and put in an absolutely wonderful performance.

Come to think of it, I’ve never jumped off the high diving tower since that day.


Corey :)

My Involvement With “Musical Brainwaves”

I wanted to let you know about a project that I’ve just become involved on with my very good friend and award winning singer/songwriter Heather Frahn. It’s called Musical Brainwaves and it’s a group songwriting project with members of the Community Re-Entry Program (all who have acquired brain injuries) held at Flinders University over a period of six Fridays between May 6th and June 3rd.

Over a period of six weeks Heather and myself will conduct a series of five creative sessions with the participants of the program in which the end result will be:

  • A song written by Heather and myself based on contributions from the programs participants
  • A professional recording of the song
  • A CD of the recording with an accompanying 6 page booklet including photos and artwork made by the programs participants
  • 50-100 copies of the CD distributed among participants, carers and community networks
  • A CD launch (of sorts) for participants, carers, community networks and interested parties

It’s hoped that the finished product can be used as a promotional and educational tool for the Community Re-Entry Program and its members on the Internet, in CD Format and on Radio

The (as yet untitled) song that Heather and I will be working on will have the duel themes of “expressing positive viewpoints about (your) life” and “celebrating what inspires and motivates (you).”

For me, working in the community music and arts field with Heather is an exciting development in my professional music career. It adds another string to my bow and it’s an invaluable opportunity to experience new ways of collaborating on and creating new music.

It’s also such a rewarding experience to be working in the company of such amazing and inspirational people. Both Heather and I started the project last Friday and can’t wait to get into it again this coming Friday and every Friday until June 3rd.

I’m constantly amazed at where the music takes me.


Corey :)

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CD Project Update #18 – The Marvels Of Modern Technology

Yes, I know there’s been a long time between CD Project updates but (as outlined in a previous post) there’s not much I could do if I can’t physically get to the studio.

Anyways, here’s what’s been happening in the last few weeks

The initial eight Stig Lindell keyboard tracks done at Chapel Lane Studios have now been integrated with the tracks recorded at Red Brick Music and the results so far are stunning to say the least.

Thank goodness the tracks were all recorded with a click-track otherwise trying to match the recorded files from two separate studio locations would have been a logistical nightmare.

The rest of the keyboard tracks will be completed by Stig in the not too distant future but this time instead of recording them at Chapel Lane again, he will be recording them in his studio in Sweden.

I have put the rest of the files up onto my server. Stig can then download the files, do what he needs to do to them and then upload the results back up to my server again.

Ahh, the marvels of modern technology…

Speaking about modern technology, my car is now cleared of any defects and is allowed back onto the road which means that recording will start again from next Wednesday.

All that needs to be done now is for Darren to finish off his guitar parts (going for a goal of one track per week) and for the final vocals and other bits and pieces to be recorded and then we’re onto the next phase…

The creation of the physical product, which reminds me, I must organise photos, graphics then the printing, duplication plus, the venue for the CD launch.

Well, I’m off to create yet another list.


Corey :)

Expanding My Online Presence Using Posterous

Now I am a self confessed WordPress fanboy and have been for many years but for a little while now I’ve had my eye on another blogging platform to expand my online presence with.

It’s called Posterous.

My understanding of Posterous is that it was developed to allow people to post online via email but it also has an online interface that can be used as well however, the main feature that really got me interested in exploring it more was its AutoPost function.

The AutoPost function allows what I post on my Posterous blog to appear automatically on other blogging platforms and social networking sites that I subscribe to. Once I publish a post, it will be automatically updated on the following sites:

This excited me because this system allows me to post items of interest and relevance on Songwriting, Music Business and Home Recording that I find on the web and have that information appear at multiple points online while at the same time, these multiple points all link into this site.

Essentially, I expand my online presence without too much effort while creating incoming links to Corey Stewart Online (good for SEO) plus, interesting and relevant information is being circulated to those who want to read it.

The secondary reason for doing this is that through posting the relevant news of the day based on my topics of interest plus the wide ranging ideas of others I will become more inspired myself and therefore my own blogging/songwriting activity will increase.

Everybody wins!

This is of course an experiment that I’ll be monitoring very closely. I want to find out if I get an increase in traffic numbers, email subscription numbers and Google juice but I’ll make sure I keep you all up to date with the ongoing results.


Corey :)

PS: The first post on Posterous can be found HERE

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