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March 2011

GarageBand + My iPad = AWESOME!

A couple of days ago I downloaded the GarageBand app for my iPad and I’ve really fallen in love with it. I think I just found my songwriting idea creation tool of choice. I’ve always thought that because it was… Continue Reading →

A Word Of Advice – Do Your Taxes Yourself!

I think that the end of the financial year (which in Australia falls on June 30th) is a very stressful time of the year for a lot of people. For me it’s stressful because (being a small business owner) it’s… Continue Reading →

CD Project Update #17 – It’s On The FlashDrive

Today I’m going into Chapel Lane Studios to pick up my 8GB flash-drive with Stig Lindell’s keyboard parts on it all mixed and lined up ready to be taken back to Anthony Stewart at Red Brick Music to be integrated into his… Continue Reading →

FIGJAM Website/Blog Now Online!

After procrastinating for what seemed like forever, I finally got up off of my ass and put up the FIGJAM website/blog online. It’s an attempt to realise another one of my musical goals for 2011 of expanding my live music… Continue Reading →

Never Again Will I Be Afraid Of Words

One of my primary songwriting goals of 2011 is to never be afraid of words again. Ideally, what this means for me is that by conquering my fear of words or, more accurately, the fear of my words (and therefore… Continue Reading →

Help! I Think I Have A Case Of Fringe Fatigue

With the 2011 Adelaide Fringe Festival in full swing there’s a lot of competition around for the attention (and the disposable income) of the general public. There is so much going on in Adelaide at the moment it’s very easy… Continue Reading →

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