Gig Alert: SCALA @ The Fringe – February 24th, 2011

Hi everybody,

I’ll be playing a solo show at the newly created Fringe venue “Shimmering West” this Thursday, February 24th as part of SCALA @ The Fringe series of shows starting at 5pm and finishing at 7pm.

I’ll be performing with two other acts, singer/songwriter David Robinson plus the wonderful duo of Andy Armstrong and Marta Bayly.

The program is as follows:

David Robinson – 5:00pm
Corey Stewart – 5:40pm (the thorn between two roses)
Andy & Marta – 6:20pm

It’s going to be a great gig, I hope to see some familiar faces in the crowd so come along and say HI!


Corey :)

CD Project Update #16 – On The Home Stretch

Last weeks CD recording schedule had achieved much more than I anticipated and for that I’m very, very grateful.

All of the vocal tracks were completed last Wednesday at Red Brick Music and on the Thursday at Chapel Lane Studios, Stig Lindell put down keyboards on 7 of the 15 tracks.

He went back to Sweden on Monday however, he has suggested that I send the remaining tracks over for him to finish off.

I want to publicly say a big THANK YOU to Stig for his time and dedication to my CD Project. The tracks sound absolutely superb and the whole process has inspired me in ways that I can’t adequately express in words.

Here are some pictures I took of the sessions at Chapel Lane Studios last week…

The Control Room

Stig Laying Down A Track

Chord Chart (Seeing Stars)

Gabe (The Engineer) = Lightning Fast!

I can safely say that in regards to the recording part of the CD Project, I’m now on the home stretch.

Darren and I have to finish off the electric guitar tracks plus backing vocals, some percussion and miscellaneous production tweaks need to be completed before the mixdown and mastering of all the tracks take place.

Then the fun starts…

Artwork, printing, CD duplication, promotion, CD launch organisation and everything else in between. I’ve got to start making a list.


Corey :)

CD Project Update #15 – Swedish Keyboards

I’m pleased to report a couple of exciting new developments on the CD recording front for this week.

After a bit of a stop-start beginning to this year I’m going back into the studio tomorrow for the first recording session for 2011. I hope to finish off all of the main vocal parts.

The exciting part though is that the next day (February 10th), I’ll be recording keyboard parts at Chapel Lane Studios using Swedish producer and keyboard player Stig Lindell.

How all this came about was through a fortunate set of events that to me, demonstrates perfectly the power of networking.

Over the last week I’ve been laying down some bass tracks at Chapel Lane for good friend and amazing singer/songwriter Jay Jaxson’s new CD of which Stig is producing. Jay told me that there was some free time (as in availability not cost) in the studio coming up and that Stig was willing and able to do whatever music work was required.

After experiencing first hand Stig’s keyboard playing (he played some guide keys while I was recording) I jumped at the chance of using him. I asked and he said yes.

It’s amazing what happens when you just ask.

I know that getting the keyboard parts out the way will take a huge load off my mind as finding a good keyboard player with time on their hands to do some recording has been a very challenging task indeed.

What’s left are just the Electric Guitar parts of Darren Zaza plus some extra overdubs such as backing vocals and perhaps some percussion to do and that’s it.

It feels so good to get back into recording mode again. It’s been far too long.


Corey :)

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New Tool: Follow Me – WordPress Plugin

Have a look on the right hand side of this blog, can you see the tag with Follow Me written on it?

Click on it and see what happens… It’s a new social networking plugin for WordPress called Follow Me that I’m using at the moment.

This plugin, developed by Ignite Social Media, allows you to put in information about your online social networking presence and once the plugin is active it creates a non-intrusive opportunity for your visitors to subscribe to any or all of your social network profiles and RSS feeds.

Pretty cool hey?

Check out the Follow Me WordPress Plugin page on the Ignite Social Media website.

If you happen to have a WordPress blog of your own and you decide to use the plugin, let me know how you go.


Corey :)

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Life Just Happens Sometimes

With Christmas, New Year and now the month of January gone for another year I thought it was time for me to read through my earlier posts to gain some inspiration.

As I was going through my earlier blog posts I stumbled upon something called  Life – We’re Making It Up As We Go Along and from it I glimpsed an undeniable truth that which no-one can escape from.

And that truth is…

Sometimes life just happens and there’s nothing you can do about it.

No matter how much I try and control the outcomes of my life there is always a small percentage of it that wants to be random, chaotic and spontaneous. The funny thing is that the more I try to fight and control this random, chaotic and spontaneous nature of my life, the more persistant it becomes.

It has made me realise that it’s this random, chaotic and spontaneous nature that truly shapes how my life unfolds rather than the rest of my life that I (think I) control.

I’m sure this is what John Lennon meant when he wrote “life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans”

Ah… I understand now (major lightbulb moment).


Corey :)

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