Alan Watts – Life And Music

According to Zen Buddhist and interpreter of Chinese and Indian philosophies to the West, Alan Watts (1915-1973), the correlation between life and music is a closely knit and intertwining one.

Through his lectures and his vast audio archive, he was known for his ability to unravel the complexities of life for the layperson through his eloquence and humour.

A series of videos (created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park fame) were made from some of Alan’s audio recordings. The one I have included below is the one that has resonated with me the most.

It’s simply called Life and Music. Enjoy


Corey :)

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Gig Alert: “SCALA – A Guided Tour” CD Launch

I have the pleasure of playing at the “SCALA – A Guided Tour” CD Launch this Thursday night, December 16th at the Higher Ground Arts Cafe starting at 8pm.

I’m going to be in fine company too, playing with the likes of Andy and Marta, Kenny Green, Adrian Miller, David Robinson and Mick Kidd.

I’ll be playing my SCALA exclusive song “Billboard Angel” on the night plus other tunes that will be on my upcoming CD “Out With The Old, In With The New” set for release in the first quarter of 2011.

Hope to see some familiar faces there, it’s going to be a fantastic night.


Corey :)

Is This The Worst Music Video Ever?

Recently, out of sheer curiosity, I was searching “Worst Music Video Ever” on YouTube and I came across this…

When I first saw this video I thought to myself “this can’t be real, these guys can’t be serious.”

The funny thing was that I thought I recognised one of the characters on the video and as it turned out I was right.

This video was the creation of Australian comedian Santo Cilauro for his character Zladko Vladcik (or just Zlad!), a pop sensation in the fictitious Eastern European country of Molvania and this particular song was the Molvanian entry in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest.

To fully demonstrate the brilliance of this parody check out the lyrics below. Zlad’s attempted use of English is hilarious.

Zlad! – Elektronik, Supersonik

Hey baby wake up from your a sleep
We have arrived onto the future
And the whole world is become….

Elektronik, Supersonik,
Supersonik, Elektronik,

Hey baby ride with me away,
We doesn’t have much time,
My blue jeans is tight,
So onto my love rocket, climb,
Inside tank of fuel is not fuel, but love,
Above us, there is nothing above,
but the stars, above

All systems gone!
Prepare for downcount!

5….4….3….1! Off blast!

Fly away, my space rocket,
You no need put money in my pocket
The door is closed I just lock it,
(Ha) I put my (Ha) port plug in your socket (Ha Ha Ha)

The sonic sky is bright like fire
You and me gets higher and higher
Cut communication wire
Only thing can stop us is flat tire

Ha, Ha, Ha Ha Ha Ha

Hey love crusader
I want to be your space invader
For you I will descend the deepest moon crater
I is more stronger than Darth Vapour
Obey me I is your new dictator
For you is Venus, I am Mars
With you I is more richer than all the tzars
Make a wishes on a shooting stars
Then for you I will play on my cosmic guitars!

Ladies and Gentlemen
Fasten your beltseats
We has commenced our decent
I trust you enjoy this flight
As much as you enjoy this accent

Now back on Earth its time for downsplash
Into sea of eternal glory my spaceship crash
People have arrived for cheer me from near and far
And as I float I open door and shout
“I am worlds biggest, washed-up superstar!”

(Supersonik, Elektronik)

As for sure as the sun rises in the west
Of all the seas and all the boats I am the bestest
Come, let me put ring of Jupiter on your finger
Then like a smell around you I will forever linger
Ok, is time for end, no more will I sang
Let me take you back in time,
I want for you to experience big bang

Long live space race
Long live, Molvania

Everytime I watch this video I immediately feel better about my own writing so in a way, this is therapy


Corey :)

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CD Project Update #14 – False Alarm

Head and Neck Overview (from http://training.s...
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Last weeks studio session was a complete disaster because I was fighting yet another head cold and my voice wasn’t up to the challenge of singing the rest of the songs.

We did try one song but I sounded like I was singing while holding my nostrils together and let me tell you, it wasn’t a good start to the day.

This recent experience has really taught me a lesson about how important it is as a performing musician to maintain a healthy mind and body.

It seems really obvious but it is amazing how easily a live performance (or a studio session) can be affected with even the slightest amount of sickness going through the body or negativity going through the mind.

I’ve rescheduled the session for either next Tuesday or Wednesday (22nd or 23rd of December) and I hope that all of the vocals will be done by then which will then free up my time to concentrate on getting guitars, keys and maybe some backing vocals completed in January 2011.


Corey :)

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CD Project Update #13 – More Vocals Please!

Last week Darren and I completed the electric guitar overdubs for “Girl Like You” and today I’m hopeful that I finish the vocal tracks for the rest of the songs:

  • Don’t Turn To Me Now
  • Don’t Want To Let You Go
  • Jigsaw
  • Just One Kiss
  • Nothing Stands In Your Way
  • Seeing Stars
  • We Can’t Be Together Anymore
  • What Have We Got To Lose?

Another thing that I’ve started to do now is to keep track of what parts and/or what songs have been completed in the recording process.

At the moment I’m using a crudely drawn graph (as shown below) but I know that the neatness monster inside will force me to create a graph in Open Office or something like that.

After today I’m going to need to start thinking about getting Victor, the keyboard player in to do his tracks but first I’ll need to work out what songs need keys recorded before electric guitar.

An example of a song needing this process would be “Missing You Already” as my vision for the song dictates that it’s to be primarily a piano piece, similar to something that The Whitlams would do.

I’ve had a little bit of a head cold for the last few days so I’m hoping that my voice is ready for today. It feels good but getting the voice recorded can be a different beast altogether.

A few hours after I finish in the studio I’ll be doing a 20-30 minute guest spot at the Night Voices Open Mic at The Garage which starts at 7pm. If anything my voice will be nicely warmed up for that.

Now I’m off to get ready for the day ahead, wish me luck.


Corey :)

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