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September 2010

Catching Up With Old Friends

Recently I caught up with an old friend of mine Jeff Smith whom I had lost contact with for about 8 years. When we finally caught up it was lovely to discover that there was none of the awkwardness or… Continue Reading →

CD Project Update #10 – Sailing Into The Great Unknown

I know it’s been just over a week since my last post and with recording on hold because of Anthony being on tour for a couple of weeks (lucky bugger) I thought I’d take the opportunity to outline what’s been… Continue Reading →

SongDare #3 – Exit Music (For A Film) (Radiohead)

This song was requested by BT Cassidy who is is by far the biggest Radiohead fan that I know Enjoy… This song presented some challenges for me, especially trying to decipher the timing in the “Breathe, keep breathing” part of… Continue Reading →

My First Concert – Sting, Memorial Drive 1985

Image via Wikipedia I remember the Dream Of The Blue Turtles concert as it was yesterday. A group of about 5 of us stayed over a friends place who lived close to the venue the night before to ensure that… Continue Reading →

My First Record – Jeff Wayne’s “War Of The Worlds”

I don’t watch that much television but one of my favourite TV programs going around at the moment is RockWiz on SBS. On the show, every participant on the program is asked one of two questions as part of their introduction. 1…. Continue Reading →

SongDare #2 – Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden)

This song was requested by Stewart Cook who is one half of an enterprising duo along with John McCall that run the Live ‘n’ Local Open Mic at The Metropolitan Hotel every Tuesday night so if you’re in Adelaide you… Continue Reading →

CD Project Update #9 – Mixing The SCALA Exclusive Song “Billboard Angel”

I just wanted to thank all of you who passed on feedback regarding which song should become the “SCALA Exclusive” release. I’ve now finally decided and the winner is Billboard Angel. As Darren wasn’t able to make it to the… Continue Reading →

Guy Carrying Guitar Case On Elevator Envied By Everyone On Elevator, Imagines Guy

This is so funny and at the same time so very true. I’m sure there’s been a time in every (male) musos life where a similar situation like the one in the article below has occurred. Personally I know a… Continue Reading →

SongDare And Other Video Projects

Ever since I wrote Pomplamoose & The Covers VS Originals Argument in late July I’ve been mucking around around with my Canon video camera, working out how to use it and, at the same time, trying to work out what… Continue Reading →

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