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July 2010

CD Project Update #5 – Two Songs Culled, Four To Go

First of all I want to thank all of you who submitted feedback to me regarding what songs I should keep on my CD and what songs I should leave behind. Your suggestions are very valuable and have given me… Continue Reading →

CD Project Update #4 – Bass Tracks Complete

Image via Wikipedia Yesterday I completed all the bass tracks and they are sounding very, very tight. I love the sound of bass and kick drum working as one. The next step is replacing the acoustic guitar guide tracks with… Continue Reading →

All You Need Is Four Chords To Write A Hit Song

Below is a video of a skit performed by Australian musical comedy act “Axis Of Awesome.” This video clearly demonstrates how important song lyrics and vocal melody are in writing and how the song arrangement (in this case it’s the… Continue Reading →

Running Out Of Love – A Song

Image by Kristian D. via Flickr “Running Out Of Love” is the third song that I’ve collaborated with Adrian Miller on and the first re-write we’ve done together. This song was actually a half finished piece I had languishing in… Continue Reading →

To Funk Or Not To Funk? That IS The Question

Image via Wikipedia For a while now I’ve been thinking about starting up another funk project. I’ve been testing the waters and keeping one eye and ear out on the scene for a little while to see if the concept… Continue Reading →

Life – We’re Making It Up As We Go Along

As I get on with my day to day business that is my life I’m realising more and more that (for most of the time) we are all making up our lives as we go along which comes as a… Continue Reading →

Pomplamoose And The Covers VS Originals Argument

In my last post “CD Baby DIY Musicians Podcast. I Love It” I mentioned that I would share any DIY music marketing ideas that I come across with you. I will then attempt to incorporate these ideas into my own… Continue Reading →

CD Baby DIY Musicians Podcast. I Love It!

I love podcasts. I love the fact that you can subscribe to something that gives you the information you want as it comes out plus the extra benefit of being able to revisit the information at anytime you want. A… Continue Reading →

Back To Basics – A Song

“Back To Basics” is the second song that I’ve collaborated with Adrian Miller on and it’s also my first multi-tracking effort using Logic Pro 9 on my home studio setup. The song evolved from a conversation that we had in… Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Cooper

My youngest nephew Cooper turned four today and I wanted to wish him a very, very happy birthday. Unfortunately because I have a gig to do I can’t be there with him so I hope that this little dedication to… Continue Reading →

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