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VIDEO: How To Make A Hit Pop Song

It seems that between this guy in the two videos below and 5 year old Jordan Bijan, we’ve got all our pop and hip-hop songwriting basics covered… I must say, even though these videos are meant to be viewed as… Continue Reading →

While You’re Here, Check Out My Other Blogs

I love to write and while activity on this particular site has been a little lean of late I have been preparing and writing posts for my other two blogs… All About Songwriting All About Music Business Thankfully, I still… Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Hip Hop Lessons From A Five Year Old

This is adorable… My suspicions were correct. Deal with it! Peace, Corey

A Welcome Blast From The Past

A few days ago I got an email from an old bandmate of mine Colin Pasfield letting me know that he recently bought a cassette to MP3 converter and that one of the cassettes he’s converted to MP3 was our six song demo… Continue Reading →

Wanted: Images For “Happy Mothers Day” Video

Recently I put up a post about a songwriting project I’m undertaking with collaborator Ross Hood in which one of the songs featured is a tribute to his late Mother called “Happy Mothers Day.” Here is the official video of… Continue Reading →

Video: State Of Play 2 (FULL)

On May 5th, I posted a video preview of the second part of Jethro Heller’s “State Of Play” documentary series about the present state of the South Australian Music Industry plus some details of the video launch at The Gov that… Continue Reading →

Songwriting Project #1 – Ross Hood “Childhood Memories”

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve embarked on a series of songwriting projects in which I’ll have written, recorded, produced and released online six albums worth of material by the end of 2014. This works out to be… Continue Reading →

My New Songwriting/Recording Challenge For 2014

I reckon that no matter what you do, life is a balancing act between doing the things that you want to do and the things that you don’t and right now, I’m happy to be writing songs. That’s it! That’s all… Continue Reading →

My Self Imposed Exile Is Coming To An End

(NB: This is an extension of a post I wrote at the beginning of December 2013) Since retiring from SCALA in late 2013, I’ve made a point of keeping a low profile to concentrate on sorting out my own stuff behind… Continue Reading →

Video: State Of Play 2 – SA Live Music Documentary (Preview)

Apparently the “State Of Play” music documentary video I posted on February 5th was the first in a two part series. Here is the preview video for “State Of Play 2 – Truth, Youth, Beauty and all the Jazz” which… Continue Reading →

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